ty is temporary and madness is eternal.”

“On September 28th, I haven’t written a diary for a long time. In the past half month, I seemed to be watching myself being replaced by strangers little by little, becoming cold and scary little by little. Even my daughter Bernadette They can only produce a small amount of fatherly love in me, very little.
Just when I was about to go crazy, I seemed to hear countless praises. Those were my subjects, those were all the people who benefited from my reforms, and those were the believers who regarded me as the son of steam. They were praising me. Me, sing my praises, erect statues for me, write stories for me, create poetry for me.
“Their voices were like the anchor of a ship, helping me orient myself.
“I began to have the ability to fight against that desire and that cry from the heart. I came out little by little, and I was able to have normal emotions as a father, a husband, and a man again.
“Just in Sequence 2, there are such changes. When you reach Sequence 0, when you reach the true god level, the madness you have to fight against will be so terrifying.
/“Perhaps they also need to be positioned to combat the extraordinary characteristics and the strong tendency to lose control hidden deep in the collective subconscious.
“I probably understand a little bit why they established the church, why they spread their faith, why they wrote chapters for the saints of their own power, and left legends for the corresponding angels.
“But why do they not have human images, they are just symbols?
“I can’t figure it out.
“Ask Mr. Men next time. He knows a lot about the realm of gods. If he had not been exiled, there might be one more god.”
“On September 29th, when I re-read yesterday’s diary, I remembered the rituals corresponding to my Sequence 4, Sequence 3, and Sequence 2. They all obviously have a crazy and cruel meaning, just like the villains in novels would do it. kind of.
“The sequence path is probably a path destined to madness and despair.
“And this is the only way for humans to gain extraordinary power.
“It’s so funny, so ironic.
“We work hard to save ourselves, only to destroy ourselves better and more completely.”
However, the Seven Gods seem to have found a way to maintain their sanity. Ordinary humans are not without their role. The convergence of their cognition and spirituality may help the gods to “position” their original images and retain the memories and memories accumulated in the past years. This rationality can be inferred from Russell’s personal experience. However, why the Seven Gods abandoned their original human images and switched to symbolic and abstract holy emblems? This does not conform to my judgment and cannot be understood. Klein did not waste time and translated On to the next page of diary:
/“On December 5th, the night of the blood moon, I communicated with Mr. Men.
“He is still the same as every time before. He will always ask me to help him return to the real world, but he will not be too insistent and will answer some of my qu