It is impossible for them to come here, and as free souls not registered in this country, we cannot use natural weapons to help you cut off your sins. You confirm Do you still need to be tested?”

Pei Jiao breathed out and said, “Yes, I confirm that I want to conduct a test.”
The voice paused for a moment, and then said: “Then I can only hope for your success. Have you seen that box? There is a small trace of sin that we have cut off using natural weapons. You open this super electromagnetic alloy box, The sin inside will float out, and then you only need to dissolve this trace of sin. According to our calculations, such a weight of sin will not cause any damage to you. You only need to replenish enough energy afterwards.”
When Pei Jiao heard this, he walked towards the so-called super electromagnetic alloy box, and then he burned the standard energy in his hands. His whole hands were like the hands of a living person and could touch physical matter. He immediately reached out and opened the alloy. Box, suddenly, a tiny black breath floated out from the alloy box. For a moment, Pei Jiao could even feel the slightest breath-holding sound coming from the playback device. It was obvious that everyone was looking at it attentively. He was waiting for the results of his test.
Pei Jiao was not panicked at all. He had been exposed to black aura that was much thicker than this in the underworld. Moreover, he was not able to freely control the power of thunder and lightning at that time. If he was exposed to black aura now, the ablation effect would probably be It will definitely not be worse than those who broke away, and it may even be worse.
/Thinking of this, Pei Jiao no longer hesitated, and directly stretched out his hand to hold this black aura. Immediately, the dark malice he had experienced invaded his consciousness, and in the eyes of ordinary people, the black aura directly After entering Pei Jiao’s body, the black aura suddenly seemed to be alive, eroding his body along his wrists. Gradually, his entire arm was dyed pitch black, and one of his arms seemed to be alive. The thin, snake-like black lines were still flowing towards Pei Jiao’s wrist.
In fact, Pei Jiao could use the power of thunder and lightning to melt the black aura as soon as it entered his body. However, he suddenly thought of an important issue, that is, when he used the power of thunder and lightning to dissolve the black aura, lightning flashes seemed to appear. On his body surface, right? Doesn’t this expose his specialness? There is no problem in registering the escapees, or even showing that one is slightly superior to others. After all, there are 142 escapees, and it is said that among them there are also strong men who have been dead for nearly ten years. Among these people, he is still alive. It’s not that outstanding, but if it were revealed that he has lightning powers, it would be pure idiocy.
So when the black aura invaded his wrist, Pei Jiao had already concentrated on controlling the power of thunder and lightning, trying to on