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mineering, and the surging power instantly shattered the space around Wei Xu!

Zulong Zhao Zheng was shocked and immediately activated the Thirteenth Realm magic weapon behind him. When he saw that it was Xu Ying, he hesitated and then stopped.
When Wei Xu was attacked, he immediately aroused his ferocity. He roared, his energy and blood surged, and his sluggish momentum suddenly became high again. He turned around and raised his huge fist to meet him!
The fists of the two collided, and their respective powers exploded. Xu Ying sensed that Wei Xu was weak and immediately withdrew a point or two of his strength. Even so, Wei Xu was still shaken back!
This little giant was refined into a supreme body. Although he was forced to retreat continuously, he became fierce and fierce. Instead, he attacked Xu Ying with extremely fierce attacks!
Xu Ying smiled slightly and activated his martial arts intention. In an instant, there seemed to be countless Xu Ying attacking Wei Xu at the same time.
Wei Xu shouted angrily and tried his best to resist, but Xu Ying’s martial arts skills were so powerful that he was soon beaten with bruises all over his body.
Wei Xu became more and more courageous as he became more and more frustrated. He was covered in blood and still fighting fiercely. His fighting and murderous intentions formed a terrifying scene of countless gods and demons floating in a sea of ??blood and corpses. The sounds of all kinds of killings filled the sky, and the sounds of the Dao became louder and louder!
He is the second disciple of Qingxuan. He comes from an era full of destruction and death. If he wants to survive, he must be a hundred times more ruthless than others. If he wants to get ahead, he must step on the bones of countless enemies!
He developed a violent character, and was later accepted as a disciple by Qingxuan. After Qingxuan taught him, he learned his mission and became the most brave warrior of that era.
Everything from the ancient times, no matter people or things, will be crushed!
/All corruption must be overthrown!
Anyone who hinders the new way will be crushed into powder!
The so-called bulls, demons and snake gods will all be knocked down, their statues toppled and trampled under their feet!
After Qingxuan’s death, he was stimulated and became even more surly and cruel, even killing his own people.
Xu Ying’s attack and oppression revealed his ferocious nature and became more ferocious and arrogant!
Wei Xu’s aura became stronger and stronger, and the skin all over his body almost exploded completely. The Taoist chains around him became thicker and brighter, wrapping around the peaks of his fists. His moves became more and more fierce, all of which were life-threatening!
Such an increase in violence made Xu Ying feel a little frightened: “Will he be so oppressed by me that he explodes and dies?”
After Xu Yingtianyuan was defeated in the first battle, Wei Xu realized that times had changed, so he entrusted Zulong Zhao Zheng to the care of waste Qingxuan, and resolutely abando

ed Liu Changan to sit down at the electric heating table, brought a basin of hot water and put it at his feet, and quickly put his feet in the hot water to soak. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and said: “The cold starts from the feet. Even if you are young now, if the cold has accumulated, you will suffer it in the future.”

Liu Changan laughed, but Zhou Shuling was watching him soaking his feet, as if the effectiveness of soaking would be reduced if she didn’t watch him, or he wouldn’t soak his feet.
“Come, sit down.” Liu Changan pointed to the seat next to him.
Zhou Shuling pulled the hem of her thermal underwear and sat down, “What are you doing?”
“Come here.” Liu Changan waved.
“What are you going to do?” Zhou Shuling said shyly. They were almost next to each other. She sat over and moved her buttocks again, sighing comfortably. The cold air on his body had chilled her from the busy work just now. It’s still comfortable next to the electric heating table.
Liu Changan raised his arms and hugged Zhou Shuling’s shoulders. Her arms and shoulders were soft. It was obvious that her body was much better than at least half a year ago. Women still need a better life to nourish them.
“What are you going to do?” Zhou Shuling repeated hesitantly. She was not afraid of what Liu Changan would do to him, but she was just surprised. Normally they were like a family, and the intimacy with Liu Changan was only spiritual. The feeling is not as free and casual as the physical contact between real family members.
“It’s nothing, I just think it’s good to have someone here doing messy and useless things when I get back home.” Liu Changan smiled and let go of Zhou Shuling’s shoulder.
“What do you mean by messy and useless things?” Zhou Shuling pushed Liu Changan angrily, and quickly expressed her merit for herself, “Aren’t the window grilles I cut beautiful? I’ve put several of them on the windows! I can’t even give you a foot bath. Is it useful? You think you are very capable now, right? Let me tell you, if you don’t force out the coldness.”
“Okay, okay, I know you are capable and considerate.” Liu Changan patted the back of Zhou Shuling’s hand, “Go to bed early. We have to buy New Year’s goods tomorrow. You are busy on New Year’s Eve. Have you prepared the egg dumplings? Is it ready? Is the fish bought? Is the fried tofu bought?”
Zhou Shuling shook her head. She only cut the window grilles today because Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan were causing trouble, so Zhou Shuling couldn’t immediately express her credit for doing many useful things.
/Seeing Zhou Shuling twisting her waist and going upstairs in a good mood, Liu Changan also smiled. The temperament of this traditional little woman who is a good match for the family is very endearing. In fact, in a sense, It is a manifestation of a firm and powerful heart. No matter what other women in this world pursue or like, how much their spiritual world has improved, how much their independent consciousness has awakened, Zhou Shuling has not been disturbed in the slightest.

two scouts seem to be much stronger than the other scouts.”

The building ship under his feet suddenly accelerated and sailed into the sea of ??chaos.
“This time there is a flood source born in the sea of ??chaos, and I was the first to sense it. If I can get this place, I will be able to achieve the realm of the Great Master in the future!”
/He was filled with enthusiasm. This time, a flood was born in the chaos, not far from the other shore. But when the fluctuations are transmitted to the other side, they are extremely subtle and difficult to detect.
His senses were extremely keen and he caught this subtle fluctuation, so he came to the ferry and asked these scouts to enter the Chaos Sea to help him find the source of the flood.
Hong Yuan is the germ of the universe, containing immense energy. If he can obtain the great form of the entire universe, his cultivation strength will definitely be greatly improved!
If the flood source can be regarded as a cave abyss, which is a hundred times better than an immortal-level cave abyss, there will be hope for reaching the realm of the Great Dao Master.
Xu Ying and Shi Tianyang were standing on the building boat. Suddenly they felt the aura of the True King Jiuquan approaching. Their hearts skipped a beat and they quickly urged the building boat to speed up.
Shi Tianyang felt uneasy: “Did I do something like a traitor on the other side and was discovered by the true king?”
At this time, another Cuiyan Tower Ship came, passing through the Qi of Chaos, and caught his sight. Then more boats came over.
“They were searching here, didn’t they discover that I was a traitor!” Shi Tianyang breathed a sigh of relief.
Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly, and he suddenly said: “The flood source that True King Jiuquan is looking for is on this road. It can’t be the flood source that emits space-time echoes that we encountered on the road, right?”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “If we divide it in chronological order, the source of the flood should be at the place where the golden ship was completely destroyed. It must be nearby!”
Shi Tianyang thought about it carefully and praised: “You are right! However, there is no space in the sea of ??chaos, and there is no up and down direction, entering it, and wandering. How can we find the place where the golden ship was destroyed? ”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “We met this golden ship on the way from the Three Realms to the other side. In other words, we can go back there as long as we follow the original path. It just so happened that I left a message on the other side of the boat. The brand allows you to follow the connection with the other side and return to the original path!”
Shi Tianyang’s heart was pounding wildly. How could he find Hongyuan and take it for himself before True King Jiuquan and those scouts?
/This idea is so bold!
“Since you have betrayed the other side, then betray more completely!” He thought to himself.
Xu Ying carefully felt the roots on the other side. After a while, a thin root snaked out from the dark sea.

aixu Cave and practiced in this cave.

The steps of Xu Ying and others did not stop at that isolated cliff. They went down the mountain and sat on the forehead of the big snake An Qi. The big snake swam, carrying them around the cave sky, and unknowingly came to the rising glow.
Xu Ying said: “After I drank tea, I vaguely heard the old man with a sad face saying that this ray of light was not a rising ray of light, but that the Qi Refiner who was going through the tribulation here was chopped into pieces, and his body and spirit were shattered into powder. This ray of light is formed.”
Everyone was shocked.
Xu Ying continued: “People mistakenly thought it was the ascending rays of light, so many Qi refiners came here to compete with each other to overcome the tribulation. In the end, they all died in this cave, and no one was spared.”
Guo Xiaodie asked: “Xu Yaowang, what kind of tea did old man Chou give you?”
Xu Ying hesitated and said, “I once saw Meng Po soup on Naihe Bridge. The color is similar to the tea he gave me.”
Everyone was startled, and Uncle Xiao lost his voice and said: “What’s the point of drinking Meng Po Soup? I’m afraid you’ve even forgotten all your past and present lives! What you drank was probably not Meng Po Soup!”
Xu Ying said yes and said: “I drank the tea that Old Man Chou gave me, and I just felt like it was very strong. The more I drank, the stronger the stamina was, and it gave me a splitting headache. But it tasted very good, with a sweet aftertaste and moisturizing effect. Throat, produce fluid.”
/Dazhong suddenly said: “Aying, if the pot of tea you drank is really Meng Po soup, then the problem with your soul cannot be explained by a dozen panacea pills.”
Xu Ying was puzzled.
Da Zhong said: “Although the panacea is powerful and can replenish the soul, it cannot resist Meng Po soup. You can drink Meng Po soup and still retain your memory, but it is definitely not the effect of the panacea.”
Guo Xiaodie smiled and said: “So what Demon King Xu drinks is definitely not Meng Po soup! I like tea. Next time someone invites you, call me and I will have a cup to taste it.”
Xu Ying agreed wholeheartedly.
/While everyone was practicing, they continued to appreciate the scenery of this cave. An Qi carried them onto an ancient giant beast and shuttled between the peaks on the beast’s back.
Although An Qi was huge, it was insignificant compared to the ancient behemoth. This behemoth didn’t even bother to pay attention to them.
An Qi swam to the top of this ancient giant beast. There were mountains on top of the beast’s head, and several ancient houses, half of which had collapsed. Fortunately, there were still pavilions still standing.
They cleaned up and sat down in the pavilion.
The houses you want to come here should have been built by ancient Qi practitioners thousands of years ago. Now, thousands of years have passed, and the ancients have become myths and legends, and their traces have disappeared in the long river of time.
Unexpectedly, the giant beast is still there. They

na and the Avenue of Tribulation were not affected by spiritual patterns, so he could save his life.

However, the sight of thousands of strong men dying still shocked him.
Suddenly, he noticed something, and his body flashed into this Taoist scene.
There is a palace deep in the Daojing, which is very pleasant. Changsun Shenghai walked in and said silently in his heart: “I wonder how Junior Brother Xu and the others are doing? Good people don’t live long, but he will definitely live a long time.”
On the other side, the avenue of life and death turned into billowing smoke. Ji Youru activated the cave of life and death, drawing powerful mana and the avenue from the universe, fighting against the spirit, and falling towards the Cuixu continent.
He studied under the Master of Life and Death, and also began to preach in the universe, harvesting practitioners. His cultivation was much deeper than others, and he had more means to save his life.
In the previous battle with Xu Ying, he was injured and had to escape. This time he also fell into a trap and was infected by the spirit pattern, forcing him to harvest the universe in advance.
At this moment, he tried his best to survive.
Ji Youru fell to the ground and screamed. His physical body and soul exploded. The cave turned into billowing ashes and rose into the sky. He died in an instant!
On the other side of the place where he fell, there were two thick smoke falling from the sky and hitting Cuixu Continent.
In the other thick smoke was Lu He, the eldest brother of the Lord of the Gods and Demons. Lu He also has a rare treasure that protects his whole body. The thick smoke is all transformed from the immortal treasure.
As for Ji Youru, he shouldn’t have died so quickly, but when he went to encircle and suppress Xu Ying, the immortal treasure Life and Death Contract given to him by Xu Ying’s master was pierced, leaving him without any magic weapon to protect his body.
Lu He and Yin Rao fell from the sky one behind the other, and they landed far apart.
As soon as Yin Rao landed, he saw local people flying over. Without thinking, he activated the Yin Yang Avenue and controlled the people.
The woman then searched her soul and searched out all the memories of the future person’s life to find out the secrets of various spiritual patterns.
She was extremely decisive and immediately mobilized her mind with all her strength, taking advantage of the fact that the yin and yang chakra had not yet been fully spiritualized to change the structure of her avenue!
/The moment Lu He landed on the other side, his spiritual consciousness exploded in all directions, sweeping thousands of miles around and controlling all humans and animals within these thousands of miles!
He gave up his body and took away one of the people with outstanding qualifications. By the time he finished all this, the immortal magic weapon had turned into ashes, and then his body also turned into flying ash!
The two of them each relied on their own means to save their lives, and each had lingeri

m practice, gather the wisdom of these people, and help them perfect the Taoism!

How powerful are their cultivation levels?
Although they are both in the realm of immortality, the difference in strength between the early, middle, peak, and consummation stages of immortality can be described as huge.
These barbarians from the Three Realms, monks who had not harvested the universe, could actually improve their cultivation strength to this level. Taiyi couldn’t help but be shocked.
“In this heavenly realm, there must be a Taoist master who has resurrected and guided them in their cultivation, which is why their cultivation strength has improved so rapidly.” He thought to himself.
At this time, he saw the ancestral god and his heart skipped a beat.
The strength of this god is unfathomable, and his power is so powerful that it gives him a feeling as deep as the universe!
He looked back and saw Lord Xuhuang Dao.
Tai’s expression remained as usual, but there was a turmoil in his heart. The Xuhuang Dao Lord’s original cultivation strength was somewhat inferior to that of the Four Dao Lords. Unexpectedly, during this period of time, he could actually improve by leaps and bounds!
Now, the feeling that Xuhuang Daojun gave him was almost as good as him!
“There is definitely a Taoist master in the heaven, there may be more than one! No wonder Taoist Master Hua has disappeared for many years!”
He came to Emperor Xu, bowed to him, and asked, “Where is Taoist Master Ji Cang?”
Xuhuang said: “Fellow Taoist, please.”
/Taiyi Daodaojun followed him to a fairy palace. The door of the fairy palace had been covered with heavy seals, as if it was imprisoning some monster.
Emperor Xu opened the seal, and Taiyi and Xu Ying followed him in.
I saw that there is a cave inside the Immortal Palace, and there is an extremely vast world with no end as far as the eye can see.
At this moment, snow is falling in the world in the palace, and the gray snow is falling one after another, leaving an unknown amount of snow in the world in the palace.
Taoist Master Ji Cang stood in the world, looking at this scene with his hands behind his back. He saw that his extremely tall body was riddled with holes at this moment.
A gust of cold wind blew by, which seemed to Ji Cang to be bone-chilling, drilling into his bones, bringing out snow like black mist from his body, flying in all directions.
He turned around and saw Xu Ying again, smiling sadly.
“Kid, I’ve been caught up in some bad luck!”
He smiled and promised Xu, “I won’t live long!”
Xu Ying was horrified when he saw this situation.
Dao Zongyuan, the Taoist master of the Yuan Realm, single-handedly changed the destiny of the Yuan Realm against the heavens and resisted the fate. Although he died, his body was immortal, and only a piece of Tao ashes fell from his body from time to time.
As for Ji Cang, who is also a Taoist master, his cultivation strength may be stronger than that of Dao Zongyuan back then, but in just a few years, he turned into this appearance due to bad luck!
“How ter

Taiyi Dao: “Master Hua Dao is the master of the three great avenues of the other side. If he fails, my strength on the other side will be greatly damaged. In the future, when the heaven realm rises, countless people on the other side will die because of it. Therefore, I am here for all sentient beings on the other side. For the sake of this, we must save Master Hua.”

Ji Cang laughed loudly, spraying ashes from the avenue from the holes in his body, and said with a smile: “You think you can save Dao Master Hua when you come here? To be honest, Old Thief Hua was captured by me and Dao Master Tianjing. And other heavenly Taoist masters were seriously injured! If not, how could my fate have injured me to this extent?”
Although Taiyi had already made a guess, his expression still changed slightly when he heard this.
After the so-called Heavenly Realm was stranded, people from the other shore came to the Heavenly Realm to explore. The Taoist Master of the Heavenly Realm was the leader of all the people in the Heavenly Realm. He felt that they had come a long way, so he opened a forum to give lectures and taught them the secret method of eternal life.
This Taoist master’s Taoism is really unfathomable. He talks about all kinds of Taoism and Dharma in his mouth, explaining it in a profound and simple way, so that people can easily understand and understand it.
When the Heavenly Realm Taoist opened his altar, there were not many disciples on the other side, only a hundred or so. However, nearly half of these hundred and ten people later cultivated to the Taoist Master Realm and became the masters of the Dao!
Most of the others also entered the immortal realm.
Taiyi is one of the less eye-catching ones. He has always been unknown and not outstanding.
Although Taoist Master Tianjing was reduced to a mortal due to the tide of the road at that time, his Taoism deeply impressed everyone.
Even today, when Taiyi recalled the preaching that year, he still felt that the Taoist deeds of the Heaven Realm were beyond his comprehension.
If this Taoist Master is resurrected, even if he does not join forces with Ji Cang and others, I am afraid that Taoist Master Hua will not be his opponent!
Ji Cang sneered: “Taiyi, you can’t save Old Thief Hua, you may not even be able to come back alive!”
Tai Dao: “Brother Tao, you can’t protect yourself, so why do you care about my life or death?”
/He turned around, bowed to Lord Xuhuang Daojun and said: “Fellow Daoist Xuhuang, you asked Zhuo Daochun to lead me all the way, wouldn’t you let me meet Daoist Brother Ji Cang for the last time?”
Emperor Xu smiled and said: “Of course not. We invite you to come here. First, we want Brother Dao to see the tragic situation when the disaster breaks out. If the disaster breaks out on the other side, how many people on the other side can escape?”
Taiyi shook his head and said: “If the Tao Master is like this, naturally no one can escape. Once the disaster arrives, it will reach its end. I’m afraid the other side will be wiped out.”
Emperor Xu said: “

o Daochun!”

Xu Ying was quite surprised and looked Zhuo Daochun up and down. I saw this Heavenly Realm young man with flying silver hair and the unique freedom and elegance of Heavenly Realm people. Even when facing Taiyi Daojun, he was not afraid at all.
“Master, my disciple Zhuo Daochun pays my respects!” Zhuo Daochun came to him and bowed before him.
“Get up.”
Taiyi Daojun’s eyes fell on him and he looked at him. He saw that Zhuo Daochun had made rapid progress after leaving Taiyi Sect.
But now, Zhuo Daochun’s cultivation level is much more powerful than that then. It seems that after following Xuhuang Daojun and others, everyone deciphered the Xuanhuang Dao Realm Sutra, which made him gain a lot.
Tai felt that his body seemed to contain a Taoist realm that accommodated all avenues, and various Taoist powers seeped out from time to time.
Taiyi was very pleased that he had made such progress.
/“I accepted you as a disciple back then, with the intention of using you, taking advantage of the rising tide of the Great Dao to seize the Taoist master’s skills. You sneaked into my sect with the intention of learning my Taoism and calling on the people of the heavenly realm to fight against the other side.”
Taiyi said, “You and I are using each other. Now that we meet, we are enemies. If you still regard me as your teacher, you may die in my hands.”
Zhuo Daochun stood up and said: “I will follow the instructions.”
Taidao: “Back then, I knew that you secretly went to Hao Yi’s restricted area to learn his magical powers, and I also knew that you passed on the true inheritance of our lineage to the Dragon Clan in the Celestial Realm.”
Zhuo Daochun was extremely surprised and asked: “Since the teacher knows, why don’t you expose me?”
“I intend to take advantage of you, and you also intend to take advantage of me, so why bother pursuing it?” Taiyi said with a smile.
Xu Ying listened, but felt a lot, and said with a smile: “Back then, Master turned a blind eye, and Junior Brother Zhuo taught Tai Yizhen to the son of Emperor Mingxi of the Celestial Realm. Mingxi passed on this true message to Me. I came to the other shore from the Three Realms again and worshiped Master as my teacher. Could it be that the path of cause and effect can travel through time and space and through chaos, and there is actually a hint of fate in it? ”
When Taiyi and Zhuo Daochun heard this, they both felt a little weird.
After a while, they regained their composure.
/Zhuo Daochun said: “I am here to invite you two to see Taoist Master Ji Cang.”
Xu Ying was startled and asked, “Going to see Ji Cang? Is Ji Cang joining forces with you? Are you planning to invite Master to go there this time to kill Master? You are indeed a member of the Taiyi sect!”
Hearing this, Taiyi felt a sudden thought in his heart: “They say there are many rebellious people in my family. Is Zhuo Daochun really planning to lure me over and kill me?”
Zhuo Daochun smiled slightly and said, “We’ll find out when we get there.”
Xu Ying looked at Taiyi, who nodded slightl

e seemed to see the white-browed young man standing at the other end of the shrine, looking at him with a smile, and his eyes seemed to contain wisdom that could see everything.

“Xu Jun, do you know how to practice? I can’t help but worry about gains and losses.” He said to Xu Ying with a smile, his voice and smile were so clear and real.
“Boom, boom!”
/“Boom, boom!”
Xu Ying heard her heartbeat and her breathing.
He was a little nervous, and it was difficult for him to calm down when faced with this kind of life choice.
An Qi stepped forward and said loudly: “I destroyed these harmful books! Ah Ying, you can live forever by refining Qi. We don’t need to open any secrets. We just need to be a pure Qi Refiner!”
Da Zhong said repeatedly: “That’s right! That’s right! Although the stupid snake has always been obsessed with studying and studying, what he said is absolutely correct. Since the Nuo method is harmful to people, then why not practice it? Why can’t you live forever by practicing Qi? ”
Suddenly, Xu Ying stretched out his hand to block them, and said softly: “In this world, if you can’t be happy with your grudges, what’s the difference between you and dung?”
The words in the book come into view.
Disciple asked: Can the secret treasure of Niwan lead to immortality after nine turns?
The immortal master said: Nine turns of the clay pill can lead to immortality. If you obey the energy of heaven and earth, you can steal the sea of ??chaos. Collect the Qi Niwan Palace and fish for the magical medicine.
Xu Ying read it word by word, and couldn’t help but find the secret treasure of Niwan, and the activity in the cave began to move accordingly, fishing for the “miracle medicine” from the sea of ??chaos.
This “magic medicine” is human body activity!
As he took the “miracle medicine”, Xu Ying felt that endless activity was being refined into his body and soul. His body and soul grew stronger at a perceptible speed!
At the same time, he felt as if boundless darkness was coming and swallowing him up.
In the darkness behind him, a pair of eyes slowly opened, staring at him faintly, making his hair stand up, and a chill came to his heart.
“I’ve been marked.” Xu Ying said silently in his heart.
While he was practicing the “Niwan Hidden Scenery Immortality Technique”, he was marked with the mark of his next prey.
“When you stare at me, I stare at you.”
Xu Ying smiled and said to the non-existent Zhou Qiyun, “Senior Brother Zhou, please go. I am stronger and smarter than you, and I will avenge you.”
Zhou Qiyun disappeared from his eyes, leaving only the books on the shrine.
Xu Ying returned to Wuwu Mountain with the “Ni Wan Hidden Scenery Immortality Technique”. He entered the land of ascension and practiced while quietly studying the technique that led Zhou Qiyun to glory and death.
When practicing this technique, you mobilize the secret power of Niwan and collect Qi from the sea of ??chaos. It is an alternative Qi refining method.
However, the activity of the clay pills can be refined into the physical bod

, when Chu Weiyang asked about the “Five Zangs and Breathing Qi Essence”, the woman didn’t know what she thought of, and her whole body Struggling on the stone chair, he was almost twisted into a knot.

And as the woman gasped violently, the next moment, before she could say anything in surprise, the poisonous energy scattered in the courtyard was exhaled to a great extent. Immediately, the woman froze, rolled her eyes, and suddenly Fainted again.
In the same place, Chu Weiyang hesitated to speak, and waited for a few more breaths. To his surprise, the woman was not woken up again.
Wuzi scratched his head, Chu Weiyang put away his long sword, walked towards the tree again, bent down and lifted up the big urn
In the courtyard, Chu Weiyang stood there helplessly, watching the woman beside him huddled in a stone chair, sobbing to herself.
It was like pear blossoms and rain, and the tears couldn’t stop flowing down. In no time, the woman still raised her head with tears in her eyes, looked at Chu Weiyang with a complaining look, pursed her lips, and bit Gritting teeth, feeling endless grievances.
At this time, Chu Weiyang scratched his head helplessly. He didn’t know how to face such a sobbing scene. He always felt that it was not as satisfying as the sword and amulet at the door just now to separate life and death.
When he thought of this, he even avoided the woman’s gaze and turned his head to look at the opened Universe Bag on the stone table.
Several jade slips were scattered on the table, and the rest was a stack of talismans. When I looked at them, I saw that they were all sealed with cloud patterns, and there were pots and pots of indescribable elixirs. Pill, when you sniff it away, you can only smell a strange aroma.
Apart from this, the entire Qiankun Pouch is clean and not a single word has been left.
/He wanted to examine the jade slips, but when Chu Weiyang’s spiritual thoughts swept across them, he suddenly saw a series of spiritual lights swirling on the jade slips, turning into hidden restrictions to prevent outsiders from exploring.
If it is broken with brute force, I am afraid that the time jade slip will break apart and turn into powder.
After looking at it carefully for a moment, Chu Weiyang looked away unwillingly.
The sobbing sound was still like a whistling bellows. Not only did it not stop, it even got louder and louder with each breath.
Chu Weiyang sighed again.
Xu was so frightened that when the sigh came out, the woman’s cry suddenly stopped. Then, she seemed to be extremely aggrieved by her own reaction, and she was also very scared, so she had to cover her mouth and try her best. No sound was made, but the tears dripped down in series.
And this silent crying made Chu Weiyang’s mood become more and more impetuous.
Immediately, his hoarse voice sounded.
“In the wilderness, people who hang out in the market often say that the girl from Baihualou is the most real, because she can show people how real she is; but the girl from Baihualou is also the most fake, and sh