e seemed to see the white-browed young man standing at the other end of the shrine, looking at him with a smile, and his eyes seemed to contain wisdom that could see everything.

“Xu Jun, do you know how to practice? I can’t help but worry about gains and losses.” He said to Xu Ying with a smile, his voice and smile were so clear and real.
“Boom, boom!”
/“Boom, boom!”
Xu Ying heard her heartbeat and her breathing.
He was a little nervous, and it was difficult for him to calm down when faced with this kind of life choice.
An Qi stepped forward and said loudly: “I destroyed these harmful books! Ah Ying, you can live forever by refining Qi. We don’t need to open any secrets. We just need to be a pure Qi Refiner!”
Da Zhong said repeatedly: “That’s right! That’s right! Although the stupid snake has always been obsessed with studying and studying, what he said is absolutely correct. Since the Nuo method is harmful to people, then why not practice it? Why can’t you live forever by practicing Qi? ”
Suddenly, Xu Ying stretched out his hand to block them, and said softly: “In this world, if you can’t be happy with your grudges, what’s the difference between you and dung?”
The words in the book come into view.
Disciple asked: Can the secret treasure of Niwan lead to immortality after nine turns?
The immortal master said: Nine turns of the clay pill can lead to immortality. If you obey the energy of heaven and earth, you can steal the sea of ??chaos. Collect the Qi Niwan Palace and fish for the magical medicine.
Xu Ying read it word by word, and couldn’t help but find the secret treasure of Niwan, and the activity in the cave began to move accordingly, fishing for the “miracle medicine” from the sea of ??chaos.
This “magic medicine” is human body activity!
As he took the “miracle medicine”, Xu Ying felt that endless activity was being refined into his body and soul. His body and soul grew stronger at a perceptible speed!
At the same time, he felt as if boundless darkness was coming and swallowing him up.
In the darkness behind him, a pair of eyes slowly opened, staring at him faintly, making his hair stand up, and a chill came to his heart.
“I’ve been marked.” Xu Ying said silently in his heart.
While he was practicing the “Niwan Hidden Scenery Immortality Technique”, he was marked with the mark of his next prey.
“When you stare at me, I stare at you.”
Xu Ying smiled and said to the non-existent Zhou Qiyun, “Senior Brother Zhou, please go. I am stronger and smarter than you, and I will avenge you.”
Zhou Qiyun disappeared from his eyes, leaving only the books on the shrine.
Xu Ying returned to Wuwu Mountain with the “Ni Wan Hidden Scenery Immortality Technique”. He entered the land of ascension and practiced while quietly studying the technique that led Zhou Qiyun to glory and death.
When practicing this technique, you mobilize the secret power of Niwan and collect Qi from the sea of ??chaos. It is an alternative Qi refining method.
However, the activity of the clay pills can be refined into the physical bod