Taiyi Dao: “Master Hua Dao is the master of the three great avenues of the other side. If he fails, my strength on the other side will be greatly damaged. In the future, when the heaven realm rises, countless people on the other side will die because of it. Therefore, I am here for all sentient beings on the other side. For the sake of this, we must save Master Hua.”

Ji Cang laughed loudly, spraying ashes from the avenue from the holes in his body, and said with a smile: “You think you can save Dao Master Hua when you come here? To be honest, Old Thief Hua was captured by me and Dao Master Tianjing. And other heavenly Taoist masters were seriously injured! If not, how could my fate have injured me to this extent?”
Although Taiyi had already made a guess, his expression still changed slightly when he heard this.
After the so-called Heavenly Realm was stranded, people from the other shore came to the Heavenly Realm to explore. The Taoist Master of the Heavenly Realm was the leader of all the people in the Heavenly Realm. He felt that they had come a long way, so he opened a forum to give lectures and taught them the secret method of eternal life.
This Taoist master’s Taoism is really unfathomable. He talks about all kinds of Taoism and Dharma in his mouth, explaining it in a profound and simple way, so that people can easily understand and understand it.
When the Heavenly Realm Taoist opened his altar, there were not many disciples on the other side, only a hundred or so. However, nearly half of these hundred and ten people later cultivated to the Taoist Master Realm and became the masters of the Dao!
Most of the others also entered the immortal realm.
Taiyi is one of the less eye-catching ones. He has always been unknown and not outstanding.
Although Taoist Master Tianjing was reduced to a mortal due to the tide of the road at that time, his Taoism deeply impressed everyone.
Even today, when Taiyi recalled the preaching that year, he still felt that the Taoist deeds of the Heaven Realm were beyond his comprehension.
If this Taoist Master is resurrected, even if he does not join forces with Ji Cang and others, I am afraid that Taoist Master Hua will not be his opponent!
Ji Cang sneered: “Taiyi, you can’t save Old Thief Hua, you may not even be able to come back alive!”
Tai Dao: “Brother Tao, you can’t protect yourself, so why do you care about my life or death?”
/He turned around, bowed to Lord Xuhuang Daojun and said: “Fellow Daoist Xuhuang, you asked Zhuo Daochun to lead me all the way, wouldn’t you let me meet Daoist Brother Ji Cang for the last time?”
Emperor Xu smiled and said: “Of course not. We invite you to come here. First, we want Brother Dao to see the tragic situation when the disaster breaks out. If the disaster breaks out on the other side, how many people on the other side can escape?”
Taiyi shook his head and said: “If the Tao Master is like this, naturally no one can escape. Once the disaster arrives, it will reach its end. I’m afraid the other side will be wiped out.”
Emperor Xu said: “