two scouts seem to be much stronger than the other scouts.”

The building ship under his feet suddenly accelerated and sailed into the sea of ??chaos.
“This time there is a flood source born in the sea of ??chaos, and I was the first to sense it. If I can get this place, I will be able to achieve the realm of the Great Master in the future!”
/He was filled with enthusiasm. This time, a flood was born in the chaos, not far from the other shore. But when the fluctuations are transmitted to the other side, they are extremely subtle and difficult to detect.
His senses were extremely keen and he caught this subtle fluctuation, so he came to the ferry and asked these scouts to enter the Chaos Sea to help him find the source of the flood.
Hong Yuan is the germ of the universe, containing immense energy. If he can obtain the great form of the entire universe, his cultivation strength will definitely be greatly improved!
If the flood source can be regarded as a cave abyss, which is a hundred times better than an immortal-level cave abyss, there will be hope for reaching the realm of the Great Dao Master.
Xu Ying and Shi Tianyang were standing on the building boat. Suddenly they felt the aura of the True King Jiuquan approaching. Their hearts skipped a beat and they quickly urged the building boat to speed up.
Shi Tianyang felt uneasy: “Did I do something like a traitor on the other side and was discovered by the true king?”
At this time, another Cuiyan Tower Ship came, passing through the Qi of Chaos, and caught his sight. Then more boats came over.
“They were searching here, didn’t they discover that I was a traitor!” Shi Tianyang breathed a sigh of relief.
Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly, and he suddenly said: “The flood source that True King Jiuquan is looking for is on this road. It can’t be the flood source that emits space-time echoes that we encountered on the road, right?”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “If we divide it in chronological order, the source of the flood should be at the place where the golden ship was completely destroyed. It must be nearby!”
Shi Tianyang thought about it carefully and praised: “You are right! However, there is no space in the sea of ??chaos, and there is no up and down direction, entering it, and wandering. How can we find the place where the golden ship was destroyed? ”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “We met this golden ship on the way from the Three Realms to the other side. In other words, we can go back there as long as we follow the original path. It just so happened that I left a message on the other side of the boat. The brand allows you to follow the connection with the other side and return to the original path!”
Shi Tianyang’s heart was pounding wildly. How could he find Hongyuan and take it for himself before True King Jiuquan and those scouts?
/This idea is so bold!
“Since you have betrayed the other side, then betray more completely!” He thought to himself.
Xu Ying carefully felt the roots on the other side. After a while, a thin root snaked out from the dark sea.