ed Liu Changan to sit down at the electric heating table, brought a basin of hot water and put it at his feet, and quickly put his feet in the hot water to soak. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and said: “The cold starts from the feet. Even if you are young now, if the cold has accumulated, you will suffer it in the future.”

Liu Changan laughed, but Zhou Shuling was watching him soaking his feet, as if the effectiveness of soaking would be reduced if she didn’t watch him, or he wouldn’t soak his feet.
“Come, sit down.” Liu Changan pointed to the seat next to him.
Zhou Shuling pulled the hem of her thermal underwear and sat down, “What are you doing?”
“Come here.” Liu Changan waved.
“What are you going to do?” Zhou Shuling said shyly. They were almost next to each other. She sat over and moved her buttocks again, sighing comfortably. The cold air on his body had chilled her from the busy work just now. It’s still comfortable next to the electric heating table.
Liu Changan raised his arms and hugged Zhou Shuling’s shoulders. Her arms and shoulders were soft. It was obvious that her body was much better than at least half a year ago. Women still need a better life to nourish them.
“What are you going to do?” Zhou Shuling repeated hesitantly. She was not afraid of what Liu Changan would do to him, but she was just surprised. Normally they were like a family, and the intimacy with Liu Changan was only spiritual. The feeling is not as free and casual as the physical contact between real family members.
“It’s nothing, I just think it’s good to have someone here doing messy and useless things when I get back home.” Liu Changan smiled and let go of Zhou Shuling’s shoulder.
“What do you mean by messy and useless things?” Zhou Shuling pushed Liu Changan angrily, and quickly expressed her merit for herself, “Aren’t the window grilles I cut beautiful? I’ve put several of them on the windows! I can’t even give you a foot bath. Is it useful? You think you are very capable now, right? Let me tell you, if you don’t force out the coldness.”
“Okay, okay, I know you are capable and considerate.” Liu Changan patted the back of Zhou Shuling’s hand, “Go to bed early. We have to buy New Year’s goods tomorrow. You are busy on New Year’s Eve. Have you prepared the egg dumplings? Is it ready? Is the fish bought? Is the fried tofu bought?”
Zhou Shuling shook her head. She only cut the window grilles today because Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan were causing trouble, so Zhou Shuling couldn’t immediately express her credit for doing many useful things.
/Seeing Zhou Shuling twisting her waist and going upstairs in a good mood, Liu Changan also smiled. The temperament of this traditional little woman who is a good match for the family is very endearing. In fact, in a sense, It is a manifestation of a firm and powerful heart. No matter what other women in this world pursue or like, how much their spiritual world has improved, how much their independent consciousness has awakened, Zhou Shuling has not been disturbed in the slightest.