m practice, gather the wisdom of these people, and help them perfect the Taoism!

How powerful are their cultivation levels?
Although they are both in the realm of immortality, the difference in strength between the early, middle, peak, and consummation stages of immortality can be described as huge.
These barbarians from the Three Realms, monks who had not harvested the universe, could actually improve their cultivation strength to this level. Taiyi couldn’t help but be shocked.
“In this heavenly realm, there must be a Taoist master who has resurrected and guided them in their cultivation, which is why their cultivation strength has improved so rapidly.” He thought to himself.
At this time, he saw the ancestral god and his heart skipped a beat.
The strength of this god is unfathomable, and his power is so powerful that it gives him a feeling as deep as the universe!
He looked back and saw Lord Xuhuang Dao.
Tai’s expression remained as usual, but there was a turmoil in his heart. The Xuhuang Dao Lord’s original cultivation strength was somewhat inferior to that of the Four Dao Lords. Unexpectedly, during this period of time, he could actually improve by leaps and bounds!
Now, the feeling that Xuhuang Daojun gave him was almost as good as him!
“There is definitely a Taoist master in the heaven, there may be more than one! No wonder Taoist Master Hua has disappeared for many years!”
He came to Emperor Xu, bowed to him, and asked, “Where is Taoist Master Ji Cang?”
Xuhuang said: “Fellow Taoist, please.”
/Taiyi Daodaojun followed him to a fairy palace. The door of the fairy palace had been covered with heavy seals, as if it was imprisoning some monster.
Emperor Xu opened the seal, and Taiyi and Xu Ying followed him in.
I saw that there is a cave inside the Immortal Palace, and there is an extremely vast world with no end as far as the eye can see.
At this moment, snow is falling in the world in the palace, and the gray snow is falling one after another, leaving an unknown amount of snow in the world in the palace.
Taoist Master Ji Cang stood in the world, looking at this scene with his hands behind his back. He saw that his extremely tall body was riddled with holes at this moment.
A gust of cold wind blew by, which seemed to Ji Cang to be bone-chilling, drilling into his bones, bringing out snow like black mist from his body, flying in all directions.
He turned around and saw Xu Ying again, smiling sadly.
“Kid, I’ve been caught up in some bad luck!”
He smiled and promised Xu, “I won’t live long!”
Xu Ying was horrified when he saw this situation.
Dao Zongyuan, the Taoist master of the Yuan Realm, single-handedly changed the destiny of the Yuan Realm against the heavens and resisted the fate. Although he died, his body was immortal, and only a piece of Tao ashes fell from his body from time to time.
As for Ji Cang, who is also a Taoist master, his cultivation strength may be stronger than that of Dao Zongyuan back then, but in just a few years, he turned into this appearance due to bad luck!
“How ter