o Daochun!”

Xu Ying was quite surprised and looked Zhuo Daochun up and down. I saw this Heavenly Realm young man with flying silver hair and the unique freedom and elegance of Heavenly Realm people. Even when facing Taiyi Daojun, he was not afraid at all.
“Master, my disciple Zhuo Daochun pays my respects!” Zhuo Daochun came to him and bowed before him.
“Get up.”
Taiyi Daojun’s eyes fell on him and he looked at him. He saw that Zhuo Daochun had made rapid progress after leaving Taiyi Sect.
But now, Zhuo Daochun’s cultivation level is much more powerful than that then. It seems that after following Xuhuang Daojun and others, everyone deciphered the Xuanhuang Dao Realm Sutra, which made him gain a lot.
Tai felt that his body seemed to contain a Taoist realm that accommodated all avenues, and various Taoist powers seeped out from time to time.
Taiyi was very pleased that he had made such progress.
/“I accepted you as a disciple back then, with the intention of using you, taking advantage of the rising tide of the Great Dao to seize the Taoist master’s skills. You sneaked into my sect with the intention of learning my Taoism and calling on the people of the heavenly realm to fight against the other side.”
Taiyi said, “You and I are using each other. Now that we meet, we are enemies. If you still regard me as your teacher, you may die in my hands.”
Zhuo Daochun stood up and said: “I will follow the instructions.”
Taidao: “Back then, I knew that you secretly went to Hao Yi’s restricted area to learn his magical powers, and I also knew that you passed on the true inheritance of our lineage to the Dragon Clan in the Celestial Realm.”
Zhuo Daochun was extremely surprised and asked: “Since the teacher knows, why don’t you expose me?”
“I intend to take advantage of you, and you also intend to take advantage of me, so why bother pursuing it?” Taiyi said with a smile.
Xu Ying listened, but felt a lot, and said with a smile: “Back then, Master turned a blind eye, and Junior Brother Zhuo taught Tai Yizhen to the son of Emperor Mingxi of the Celestial Realm. Mingxi passed on this true message to Me. I came to the other shore from the Three Realms again and worshiped Master as my teacher. Could it be that the path of cause and effect can travel through time and space and through chaos, and there is actually a hint of fate in it? ”
When Taiyi and Zhuo Daochun heard this, they both felt a little weird.
After a while, they regained their composure.
/Zhuo Daochun said: “I am here to invite you two to see Taoist Master Ji Cang.”
Xu Ying was startled and asked, “Going to see Ji Cang? Is Ji Cang joining forces with you? Are you planning to invite Master to go there this time to kill Master? You are indeed a member of the Taiyi sect!”
Hearing this, Taiyi felt a sudden thought in his heart: “They say there are many rebellious people in my family. Is Zhuo Daochun really planning to lure me over and kill me?”
Zhuo Daochun smiled slightly and said, “We’ll find out when we get there.”
Xu Ying looked at Taiyi, who nodded slightl