na and the Avenue of Tribulation were not affected by spiritual patterns, so he could save his life.

However, the sight of thousands of strong men dying still shocked him.
Suddenly, he noticed something, and his body flashed into this Taoist scene.
There is a palace deep in the Daojing, which is very pleasant. Changsun Shenghai walked in and said silently in his heart: “I wonder how Junior Brother Xu and the others are doing? Good people don’t live long, but he will definitely live a long time.”
On the other side, the avenue of life and death turned into billowing smoke. Ji Youru activated the cave of life and death, drawing powerful mana and the avenue from the universe, fighting against the spirit, and falling towards the Cuixu continent.
He studied under the Master of Life and Death, and also began to preach in the universe, harvesting practitioners. His cultivation was much deeper than others, and he had more means to save his life.
In the previous battle with Xu Ying, he was injured and had to escape. This time he also fell into a trap and was infected by the spirit pattern, forcing him to harvest the universe in advance.
At this moment, he tried his best to survive.
Ji Youru fell to the ground and screamed. His physical body and soul exploded. The cave turned into billowing ashes and rose into the sky. He died in an instant!
On the other side of the place where he fell, there were two thick smoke falling from the sky and hitting Cuixu Continent.
In the other thick smoke was Lu He, the eldest brother of the Lord of the Gods and Demons. Lu He also has a rare treasure that protects his whole body. The thick smoke is all transformed from the immortal treasure.
As for Ji Youru, he shouldn’t have died so quickly, but when he went to encircle and suppress Xu Ying, the immortal treasure Life and Death Contract given to him by Xu Ying’s master was pierced, leaving him without any magic weapon to protect his body.
Lu He and Yin Rao fell from the sky one behind the other, and they landed far apart.
As soon as Yin Rao landed, he saw local people flying over. Without thinking, he activated the Yin Yang Avenue and controlled the people.
The woman then searched her soul and searched out all the memories of the future person’s life to find out the secrets of various spiritual patterns.
She was extremely decisive and immediately mobilized her mind with all her strength, taking advantage of the fact that the yin and yang chakra had not yet been fully spiritualized to change the structure of her avenue!
/The moment Lu He landed on the other side, his spiritual consciousness exploded in all directions, sweeping thousands of miles around and controlling all humans and animals within these thousands of miles!
He gave up his body and took away one of the people with outstanding qualifications. By the time he finished all this, the immortal magic weapon had turned into ashes, and then his body also turned into flying ash!
The two of them each relied on their own means to save their lives, and each had lingeri