mineering, and the surging power instantly shattered the space around Wei Xu!

Zulong Zhao Zheng was shocked and immediately activated the Thirteenth Realm magic weapon behind him. When he saw that it was Xu Ying, he hesitated and then stopped.
When Wei Xu was attacked, he immediately aroused his ferocity. He roared, his energy and blood surged, and his sluggish momentum suddenly became high again. He turned around and raised his huge fist to meet him!
The fists of the two collided, and their respective powers exploded. Xu Ying sensed that Wei Xu was weak and immediately withdrew a point or two of his strength. Even so, Wei Xu was still shaken back!
This little giant was refined into a supreme body. Although he was forced to retreat continuously, he became fierce and fierce. Instead, he attacked Xu Ying with extremely fierce attacks!
Xu Ying smiled slightly and activated his martial arts intention. In an instant, there seemed to be countless Xu Ying attacking Wei Xu at the same time.
Wei Xu shouted angrily and tried his best to resist, but Xu Ying’s martial arts skills were so powerful that he was soon beaten with bruises all over his body.
Wei Xu became more and more courageous as he became more and more frustrated. He was covered in blood and still fighting fiercely. His fighting and murderous intentions formed a terrifying scene of countless gods and demons floating in a sea of ??blood and corpses. The sounds of all kinds of killings filled the sky, and the sounds of the Dao became louder and louder!
He is the second disciple of Qingxuan. He comes from an era full of destruction and death. If he wants to survive, he must be a hundred times more ruthless than others. If he wants to get ahead, he must step on the bones of countless enemies!
He developed a violent character, and was later accepted as a disciple by Qingxuan. After Qingxuan taught him, he learned his mission and became the most brave warrior of that era.
Everything from the ancient times, no matter people or things, will be crushed!
/All corruption must be overthrown!
Anyone who hinders the new way will be crushed into powder!
The so-called bulls, demons and snake gods will all be knocked down, their statues toppled and trampled under their feet!
After Qingxuan’s death, he was stimulated and became even more surly and cruel, even killing his own people.
Xu Ying’s attack and oppression revealed his ferocious nature and became more ferocious and arrogant!
Wei Xu’s aura became stronger and stronger, and the skin all over his body almost exploded completely. The Taoist chains around him became thicker and brighter, wrapping around the peaks of his fists. His moves became more and more fierce, all of which were life-threatening!
Such an increase in violence made Xu Ying feel a little frightened: “Will he be so oppressed by me that he explodes and dies?”
After Xu Yingtianyuan was defeated in the first battle, Wei Xu realized that times had changed, so he entrusted Zulong Zhao Zheng to the care of waste Qingxuan, and resolutely abando