aixu Cave and practiced in this cave.

The steps of Xu Ying and others did not stop at that isolated cliff. They went down the mountain and sat on the forehead of the big snake An Qi. The big snake swam, carrying them around the cave sky, and unknowingly came to the rising glow.
Xu Ying said: “After I drank tea, I vaguely heard the old man with a sad face saying that this ray of light was not a rising ray of light, but that the Qi Refiner who was going through the tribulation here was chopped into pieces, and his body and spirit were shattered into powder. This ray of light is formed.”
Everyone was shocked.
Xu Ying continued: “People mistakenly thought it was the ascending rays of light, so many Qi refiners came here to compete with each other to overcome the tribulation. In the end, they all died in this cave, and no one was spared.”
Guo Xiaodie asked: “Xu Yaowang, what kind of tea did old man Chou give you?”
Xu Ying hesitated and said, “I once saw Meng Po soup on Naihe Bridge. The color is similar to the tea he gave me.”
Everyone was startled, and Uncle Xiao lost his voice and said: “What’s the point of drinking Meng Po Soup? I’m afraid you’ve even forgotten all your past and present lives! What you drank was probably not Meng Po Soup!”
Xu Ying said yes and said: “I drank the tea that Old Man Chou gave me, and I just felt like it was very strong. The more I drank, the stronger the stamina was, and it gave me a splitting headache. But it tasted very good, with a sweet aftertaste and moisturizing effect. Throat, produce fluid.”
/Dazhong suddenly said: “Aying, if the pot of tea you drank is really Meng Po soup, then the problem with your soul cannot be explained by a dozen panacea pills.”
Xu Ying was puzzled.
Da Zhong said: “Although the panacea is powerful and can replenish the soul, it cannot resist Meng Po soup. You can drink Meng Po soup and still retain your memory, but it is definitely not the effect of the panacea.”
Guo Xiaodie smiled and said: “So what Demon King Xu drinks is definitely not Meng Po soup! I like tea. Next time someone invites you, call me and I will have a cup to taste it.”
Xu Ying agreed wholeheartedly.
/While everyone was practicing, they continued to appreciate the scenery of this cave. An Qi carried them onto an ancient giant beast and shuttled between the peaks on the beast’s back.
Although An Qi was huge, it was insignificant compared to the ancient behemoth. This behemoth didn’t even bother to pay attention to them.
An Qi swam to the top of this ancient giant beast. There were mountains on top of the beast’s head, and several ancient houses, half of which had collapsed. Fortunately, there were still pavilions still standing.
They cleaned up and sat down in the pavilion.
The houses you want to come here should have been built by ancient Qi practitioners thousands of years ago. Now, thousands of years have passed, and the ancients have become myths and legends, and their traces have disappeared in the long river of time.
Unexpectedly, the giant beast is still there. They