e finally got them.” It’s settled. By the way, I brought a friend back this time. You can eat by yourselves. I have something to tell this friend.”

The middle-aged couple and the American young man immediately looked behind Jenny, where Pei Jiao was standing. Of course, they could not actually see anything, but to Pei Jiao’s expectation, these three people actually They all showed expressions of surprise, and the young man even said directly: “Sister, could it be that he is equipped?”
/Jenny smiled and shook his head and said: “It’s not over yet. I still have some things to talk to him about. You can eat by yourselves.” After speaking, the glimmer of light on her body gradually extinguished, and her whole body turned into It was as unreal as a three-dimensional image, and she took Pei Jiao’s hand again and floated up to the second floor.
“Okay, this is my old room, but now I can talk with confidence.”
Jenny pulled Pei Jiao into a neatly tidied and feminine room. She took a breath and then said directly: “I know you must have many doubts in your heart. Don’t worry, as long as I know, I will help you.” Please explain, I was filled with such doubts and confusion when I died, but efforts are directly proportional to rewards. I will tell you all this in detail, and I hope you can pay some reward.”
/Pei Jiao nodded and said: “Indeed, since I have solved the doubts, I should naturally pay you. Is this a contract?”
This is the most basic concept of capital society. If you pay, you will get something in return. This is the most basic spirit of contract. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, this idea is almost universally implemented. Even some underworlds have this idea. After thinking about it, they even hired lawyers to take care of their properties and so on, and this is what Jenny said.
Jenny smiled slightly and said: “I know that you Asians, and it should be you Chinese who are the most obvious, are the most disdainful of stating your interests so nakedly, but what’s wrong with making it clear like this? You have to file a lawsuit because of entangled interests. Is that okay? Of course, we have no lawsuit now. My request is very simple. I will tell you everything I know. I just hope that after knowing all this, you can help me get a weapon. Then I’m afraid it’s just the most basic weapon, that’s all I ask for.”
Pei Jiao wanted to ask her what equipment was. As far as he knew, the soul body could not touch everything in this world, so how could it use equipment? Besides, if the equipment is so easy to obtain, don’t these souls directly enter the military’s armory? That way, he had all the equipment. As a result, he had one more doubt, so he looked at Jenny more urgently, hoping that Jenny would solve his doubts immediately.
“First of all, we are dead. Needless to say, right? We are souls, a special kind of life form composed of spirit and energy, but we have memories and consciousness of previous lives. We are not like those novels or As described in the movie, they are just a group of vagu