id and slashed away with one spear blade after another. In just ten seconds, more than a dozen black ghosts had been chopped into nothingness by him. As he expected, these black ghosts were attacking each other. He didn’t pose even the slightest threat, and his eyes were always focused on the red ghost.

(As expected, there is no aura. This red ghost has a very high tenacity of obsession. It is probably the so-called peak of the demonic level, but I don’t know if there is anything special about it.)
While Pei Jiao was thinking in his mind, his hand movements did not relax at all. Moreover, this was the real world, and it was not a place like fantasy where one could not fly. Therefore, in order to stop all the ghosts from chasing the jeep, he kept moving in mid-air. Flying around and slashing at the black ghosts, blocking their way forward, but at this moment, the red ghost that stopped as soon as it saw Pei Jiao appeared seemed to be unable to bear it anymore, and slashed at Pei Jiao again. After scattering a black ghost, the red ghost screamed and immediately pounced on Pei Jiao at an extremely fast speed.
At this moment, the young soldiers and young women who were looking at this place with telescopes hundreds of meters away screamed and covered their ears, so they did not see the moment of fighting between the red ghost and Pei Jiao. , and when the screams weakened and they looked up, they saw Pei Jiao pressing the red ghost to the ground with one hand, and a small pit about half a meter in diameter appeared on the ground. They were all broken stones, as if there had been a small explosion just now.
/At the moment when the red ghost rushed over, Pei Jiao subconsciously took half a step back, and saw the red ghost rushing straight to the ground. At this moment, Pei Jiao was standing about four or five meters in the air. The red ghost only moved forward. It jumped for a short distance, and then hit the ground with a bang. Immediately, a small hole about half a meter in diameter appeared on the ground. The gravel exploded everywhere on the ground. It was obvious that the red ghost had great strength. It’s really huge!
But Pei Jiao didn’t care about its strength at all. When the red skull was about to raise its head after hitting it, Pei Jiao didn’t expect that Pei Jiao fell directly on top of its head. At the same time, the other hand that was not holding the gun blade pressed down on it. On top of its head, Pei Jiao, who was weak and weak, felt like his hand was as heavy as a giant, and he actually completely suppressed the red ghost, which was twice as big as him!
“Is it you? You were the one who tore those people apart, right? In order to make them fearful, release their souls, and then devour these many ghosts. Only you can come into contact with matter, so that’s what you did, right?” Pei Jiao suppressed the red ghost with one hand. He didn’t care about the crazy struggle of the red ghost or the scream of the red ghost. His hand didn’t move at all!
“I don’t know how smart you are. You must be stronger tha