ging loudly: I am like a fish in your lotus pond, just waiting for the bright white moonlight with you. After swimming through the four seasons, the lotus flowers are still fragrant, waiting for you in the middle of the water.

The lyrics that Lin Yuan sang were: Lotus pond, lotus pond, you sing slowly, moonlight, moonlight, you listen slowly, fish, fish, fish, swim slowly.
“This song is obviously an internal song of Yu Dynasty.”
“I’m like a fish in your lotus pond. The meaning of Sister Luck’s singing of this line is very clear.”
“Fish daddy’s saying, fish, fish, swim slowly and slowly is also very fun.”
“This song is of super high quality!”
“A very different classical style song!”
“It has to be Sister Luck’s voice to have this flavor!”
“Every time Fish Daddy sings a duet with Sister Luck, is it possible that he paddles like crazy?”
“It’s not so bad this time.”
“On the stage of “The Most Dazzling National Style” back then, Daddy Fish sang three words from beginning to end.”
“Fish Daddy: We are singing a duet. Isn’t there anything wrong with half of the performance fee for each of us?”
Lin Yuan: Lady
Good Luck Sister: A ha
Lin Yuan: You will
The name of this song is “Lang’s Temptation”.
Memes about “lady” and “aha” have caused countless netizens to burst into laughter around the world.
And in Blue Star.
The audience laughed even more exaggeratedly because this was not Lin Yuan’s style of painting at all. It was so funny!
“Ha ha ha ha!”
“Fish daddy is so skinny!”
“This song is as magical as “The Most Dazzling National Style”!”
“Ye Qing returns to the series!”
“They say that Sister Lucky’s singing is stupid. Today, Daddy Fish tells you that he and Sister Lucky are going to be stupid together!”
“What’s wrong with me? Daddy Fish is so good at everything he sings!”
“Sister Luck Lucky: Mmp, when I sing, I’m earthy, when Xianyu sings, I’m skinny, that’s high-end?”
“I couldn’t accept this style before, but now it’s getting louder and louder. Have I been brainwashed by Fish Daddy?”
“My dad just sang along with “Niangzi”, and our whole family responded in unison, haha?”
“This album is fun!”
/In fact, on Earth, the Phoenix Legend was also criticized by people in its early days.
However, later on, when everyone became familiar with this style, they became more and more attracted to it, and their favorability towards Phoenix Legend continued to rise.
It is no exaggeration to say that after this song was released in 2005, it became popular in the streets and alleys across the country almost instantly. At the same time, this song also became the famous song !
Up here!
“The melody and rhythm are both full!”
“Oh yeah!”
“This is Fish Daddy’s Ouye!”
“Why did the fish daddy sing the effect of shouting Mai, shouting Mai?”
“Can you imagine that this was sung by a fish daddy who was so good at rapping melodies like “Nocturne”?”
“But he’s really good at it!”
“It’s so exciting!”
“What’s scary is that even though Sister Lu