that, if possible, the threat from overhead should indeed be considered.

With his current strength, even if the team that hunted him and made him run for his life, composed of magicians, readers, and two divinely gifted warriors, appeared in front of him again, he would still be sure to let these people escape. Come and go.
If a group of high-level magicians besieged him, he could still escape even if he couldn’t fight back. But if the enemy sent out an aerial knight, he would only be able to stare at the sky and be helpless.
He always thought that his gliding skills could rival the most advanced flying skills, so there was no need to envy those flying in the sky. Now that I think about it, it does feel like a frog in a well. The biggest advantage of flying is not the speed, but the height.
In the sky, you can look down at the earth from a high position. Everything on the ground is clear at a glance. It is easy to attack the target below, but it is very difficult to go up from the bottom. Whether you are attacking or retreating, you don’t have to worry about terrain restrictions or whether there are obstacles. You can also use Don’t worry about being ambushed or surrounded.
“Not yet, but I believe we will work out countermeasures soon.” Hull said confidently. His confidence came from the support of an immortal king behind him.
“Then I’m afraid we will have to wait until you develop countermeasures before we will be interested in your weapons. It may be more meaningful to discuss cooperation by then.” The girl named Linsi said very coldly.
“Isn’t your father, Mr. Gorel, worried that you are in danger? He moved to Ice Island, why didn’t he take you with him?” Hull was not angry about this, but asked with a smile.
His words stunned everyone present. The reason Fikelen and Maz were surprised was because they never expected that the daughter of the steel tycoon Goler was actually hiding here.
/Moreover, the sole heir of this super rich man is actually a member of the Young Guards, and he looks like just an ordinary little person. As for the group of people opposite, they never imagined that anyone could recognize Linsi’s identity! You must know that Linsi is the daughter of the steel tycoon Goler. Not many people even in the Young Guards know this. Linsi is a very special person among them.
Although she is not a high-ranking member, let alone a core member, her status is very high, because most of the funds for the Young Guards come from donations from these ladies, and all their weapons come from Gorel.
For a moment, the atmosphere in the secret room became tense. Linsi tightened the gun in her hand, while the two uninjured members of the Young Guards blocked all the space for Hel to advance and retreat. .
/They were indeed nervous, because Hel had unintentionally revealed his hand when he applied the buffing magic to them. Let’s not talk about the effect. The identity of a magician alone was enough for them to be more careful.
“How do you know my identity? I don’t have any magician friends, and Misconn has no