hould be improved with the number of uses and the increase in experience.

Sure enough, when Yang Dingtian’s body welled up with a will of attachment, and he was assured that his special ability had indeed improved, the ecstasy in his heart was really indescribable, so his voice almost trembled when he spoke just now.
Pei Jiao’s biggest reliance on surviving the doomsday catastrophe in the future, besides his own strength, is his unlimited potential special ability of the Goddess of War. As time goes by, he will definitely find many special souls. If they are special souls, If ability can be improved like obsession, then the improvement in strength for the entire team will be unimaginable.
This is not an equation like 1+1=2. For example, Yang Dingtian’s strength is actually quite weak. Even facing the peak of the demon level may be a bit dangerous. However, although Pei Jiao’s strength is very strong, after burning his obsession, he even dares to fight with the real person. Demon-level ghosts fight against each other, but this does not mean that he can defeat real demon-level ghosts, because he has almost no other method except the lightning ball after burning his obsession, or the energy bullets produced by the heroic gun blade. Come to harm the real demon-level ghosts
He is not Gong Yeyu, but he does not have an aura that can be seen with the naked eye. There is absolutely no way he can cut off a true devil-level ghost in two with one blow. Therefore, when he faces a true devil-level ghost, his basic fighting method is to guerrilla and fight, using thunder and light balls. Of course, the consequence of melting the true devil-level ghosts bit by bit is a huge loss of his obsession. Even if all the natural weapon capacity gained from killing a true devil-level ghost is replaced by obsession food, it is not enough for him to recover.
But with Yang Dingtian’s special ability, once the natural weapon is wrapped with a layer of melting obsession, his attack will be unstoppable. The giant human-faced wolf before has already explained the problem. Breaking the two immediately, this is a huge improvement in strength obtained by relying on Yang Dingtian’s special ability!
/At this moment, when Yang Dingtian recovered from the state of meditation, Pei Jiao did not hesitate and immediately made the decision to attack with all his strength. He and the pseudo-Nutou would kill the centaur true demon-level ghost together. As for the rest, The people scattered around to clean up the ordinary ghosts. They tried to clean up as many of the ordinary ghosts as possible, which also allowed them to take a longer rest after killing the centaur.
After John listened to Pei Jiao’s battle plan, he suddenly laughed and said: “How about you let me join you in the battle with the pseudo-Nutau? The three of us will surround and kill the centaur. Of course, if possible, let you also My partner also wrapped a layer of obsession with my weapon, so that my attack would cause great damage to the centaur.”
Pei Jiao looked at John in confusion. Bef