ery satisfied with the song “Change Yourself” given by Lin Yuan.

Naturally, she received Chen Zhiyu seriously, and even called Lin Yuan over for this purpose.
“This is Teacher Xianyu.”
Zhao Jue introduced with a smile.
Chen Zhiyu looked at Lin Yuan with complicated eyes: “Hello, Teacher Xianyu, you are younger than I thought.”
Lin Yuan said politely.
Chen Zhiyu’s manager said awkwardly: “Then let’s sign the contract today and prepare to record the song tomorrow?”
Zhao Jue was determined.
After the two parties signed the contract, Chen Zhiyu’s agent took the initiative to invite: “Teacher Xianyu, can we have a meal together? We will be working together in the future, so it’s best to get acquainted with him in advance, right? You decide the dining location!”
Lin Yuan thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go to the hot pot restaurant owned by my friend.”
The two of them had no objection.
Lin Yuan called Sun Yaohuo: “Can I go to the senior’s hotpot restaurant to eat hotpot tonight?”
/Sun Yaohuo said enthusiastically: “Okay, I will arrange seats for the juniors! How many people are there?”
Lin Yuan asked: “Sister Zhao, are you going?”
Zhao Jue waved his hand: “I have something to do tonight, I will treat you to dinner another day.”
“three people.”
Lin Yuan said.
Sun Yaohuo smiled and said, “No problem, are you my junior’s friend?”
Lin Yuan explained: “I don’t know if you know Chen Zhiyu and his manager. I’m going to collaborate with them on a song.”
There was suddenly silence on the other end of the phone.
Lin Yuan thought the signal was not good, and just as he was about to speak, Sun Yaohuo spoke: “I will reserve the best private room in the hot pot restaurant for my juniors tonight and wish you happiness.”
“I wish you a happy cooperation.”
“Senior, won’t you eat with us? It’s been a long time since we had dinner together.”
“You want me to be nice too! Let me eat together.”
Sun Yaohuo’s mood seemed to be a bit sad and lost.
“See you at seven o’clock in the evening.”
Lin Yuan hung up the phone and said to Chen Zhiyu: “Let’s have hot pot together at seven o’clock. I have a friend with me.”
“Okay, okay.”
Chen Zhiyu and his agent smiled.
At seven o’clock that night.
Lin Yuan, Chen Zhiyu and Chen Zhiyu’s agent came to the hot pot restaurant opened by Sun Yaohui.
The name of this hotpot restaurant is: Yanyan Hotpot.
There are many customers in the hot pot restaurant. It can be seen that business here is very good. Sun Yaohuo greets them at the door.
“Hello, Chen Zhiyu.”
After Chen Zhiyu took the initiative to say hello, he suddenly asked with some uncertainty: “Have we met before?”
Sun Yaohuo reminded: “Sun Yaohuo, I sang “Red Rose”.”
Chen Zhiyu was in a daze for a moment.
/Unexpectedly, the friend who opened the hot pot restaurant mentioned by Teacher Xianyu turned out to be his colleague!
They are all in the same circle. Although Sun Yaohuo is not very famous, he has met Chen Zhiyu in some event announcements.
So Chen Zhiyu felt that Sun Yaohuo l