tone may be affected by this.

The special envoy from the Devil’s Mountain Range will definitely be wary of the Holy See. Even if he still believes in the Holy See’s intelligence, he will definitely be more vigilant before attacking. In this way, with the strength of more than two hundred super magicians in their hands, , it is simply impossible to make both sides suffer losses.
“The Inquisition has been doing a lot of things during this time. Do you know what they plan to do?” The Pope asked depressedly. Although the Inquisition has always been called a mad dog, the madness during this period is really too great and it is difficult for people to understand.
/The people below shook their heads.
The Holy See has always marginalized the Inquisition. It believes that the Inquisition has lost its use value and has a very bad reputation. It is a lost dog that everyone is chasing. Therefore, all other forces in the Holy See have stayed away from the Inquisition. They did not expect that these guys would suddenly appear again. Get active.
“How did the people from the Inquisition enter that place? Didn’t the surveillance point detect abnormal magic fluctuations?” The Pope continued to ask.
The cardinal responsible for the surveillance was named Glofa. This man was his confidant. Even if Paul III no longer cared about world affairs and did not care about the power in his hands, the surveillance point must still be in his hands, otherwise he might die without knowing how.
It is precisely for this reason that even if there is a problem with the surveillance point, Paul III cannot publicly punish Glofa, otherwise no one will be willing to work for him.
/However, a couple of proper taps are still necessary.
“Unidentified magic power fluctuations were indeed detected that day, and there were several of them. However, considering it was the Carnival, we had to record it temporarily. We originally planned to wait until the Carnival has passed before investigating.” A tall and thin cardinal. He quickly stood up and replied that he was Glofa.
“I’m afraid that this is the reason why the tribunal chose the Carnival Night operation.” Paul III took the initiative to find reasons for his confidants.
“That magic wave, compared with the characteristic pedigree, which type of magic should it be?”
“The space system is something like a space tunnel.” Glofa answered quite firmly.
“The Inquisition has actually mastered the power of the space system. Could it be leaked to them from somewhere?” asked a cardinal next to him.
The Pope knew that this guy was not really concerned about whether space magic was leaked, but was targeting Cardinal Rephagen who was in charge of magic research.
Rephagen was not Paul III’s confidant, so Paul III did not intend to speak for him.
“It is very easy to investigate this matter. So far, there are a total of twenty-four kinds of magic in the space system. Eight of them are unique to us, two are large object transfer, and the other six are living body transfer.
“As we all know, there are two main difficu