that his body seemed to be about to collapse. Even if he is going to collapse, he will still use this “power”! And he must bring this power to the cave and bring it back to his people, because this is the last hope of mankind!

Wang Jun slowly stood up. He looked at the people around him and said nothing more. He suddenly bit the elf next to him on the throat artery, and then sucked the elf’s blood. Everyone around was shocked. They all took a few steps back, but after a few seconds, everyone suddenly stepped forward and leaned closely against Wang Jun.
“I haven’t eaten anything for many days. I may be chased by elves soon. I have to eat something. I’m sorry.” Wang Jun wiped the blood from his mouth. He stood up and said lightly, and then looked at everyone again. .
“Let’s go, let’s leave this hell. I have strength. I want to bring this strength back to our people. We must”
“Stay alive!!”
After Wang Jun sucked the blood, he felt a warm feeling in his stomach, and his stomach was slightly twitching. This was a sign of not eating for too long. After drinking for so long, it smelled like blood. , which made him feel like vomiting, but he still held it in and swallowed it, then stood up and walked at the front of the team.
/“Let’s go”
Wang Jun said this softly and walked forward at the front of the team. Of course, it was naturally impossible to go to the elf village, but to the other end far away from the elf village. Everyone tried their best to move towards the elf village. They were walking forward, but after all, the joints of their hands and feet had been lost before. Although Wang Jun adjusted them back, they still felt bursts of pain when walking, and they couldn’t walk any faster.
Wang Jun was getting more and more anxious, but he also knew that these people were ordinary people before. Even though their physical fitness has become much stronger after more than a year, it is still at most one level higher than a year ago. It’s only about twice as strong. Strong people only improve twice as much. When faced with this kind of pain related to joints, they still can’t walk too fast.
Especially when everyone had to deliberately keep the bass down, but they didn’t dare to stand up straight, because there were several patrol teams of two on the outside of the village. They could only squat and move slowly between the trees and grass, for fear of When the movement becomes larger, it will attract the attention of the elf patrols, because the elf’s sense is the most acute, and the pointed ears also make the elf’s hearing extremely sharp, especially in the silence of the night, if there is someone Just kicking a stone could kill everyone without a burial place.
/In this way, it took everyone nearly an hour to escape from the village to the outside. The Wang Army’s position at this moment had moved from the front to the back. What he was most afraid of was that the elf patrols had to change positions, and he was also It can be seen that although the elves are technologically backward, their military system is not bac