a little different. Anyway, after the situation calms down for two days, we will find some natural weapons for him to try, and There has always been a saying in the soul world that there are no special abilities of trash, only trash users, and this Yang Dingtian is a precious talent.”

While the two were talking, the car had already entered a block road. At the corner of the block, the block immediately became completely different from the outside blocks. The entire ground was full of potholes, as if it had been hit by artillery shells. The bombing was general, and some buildings were damaged, and some of them even completely collapsed. From this, we can imagine the fierce fighting in these neighborhoods at that time.
“There’s still the smell of gunpowder and those are shrapnel, right? Could it be that the government sent troops to fight the ghosts? No wonder these blocks have been destroyed like this. Isn’t this stupid?” Pei Jiao murmured as he looked at the blocks outside.
/Yang Xuguang shook his head and said: “It’s not stupid, but it’s too extravagant. Scientists in the scientific community, or the soul organization, have been working on a weapon that can allow ordinary living people to fight against ghosts. Moreover, many natural weapons and a lot of money were consumed for this purpose. Although the progress has been very weak, some things have been researched, such as super electromagnetic metal, which allows the soul body to operate without burning standard energy. , metals that can also be touched, uh, some are like those substances in fantasy land. If this super electromagnetic metal is launched at high speed, it can also hurt ghosts, but ”
/“However, the manufacturing of this kind of metal is very complicated, and it requires a certain amount of natural weapons. On average, the cost of each kilogram of super electromagnetic metal is equivalent to five kilograms of gold, so generally speaking, super electromagnetic metal Metals are mixed with silver and other metals to form alloys, and this alloy is used to make bullets or cannonballs. However, these bullets have no attack power against souls or ghosts with stronger obsessions, and because their cost is very high It is expensive and requires the consumption of natural weapons as raw materials. Therefore, except for soul organizations, other countries cannot produce this kind of super electromagnetic metal at all. Just like this time, in order to fight against the manifestation of ghosts and monsters, the super electromagnetic metal consumed by Beijing is absolutely valuable. Over one billion yuan, this is really a luxury.”
Pei Jiao then remembered that the young soldier who flew his plane and drove his jeep in Taiwan seemed to have destroyed ghosts and monsters with material bullets. It seemed that he used this super electromagnetic metal, right?
The person driving the car at this moment was the young soldier. Pei Jiao suddenly asked curiously: “Hey, the soldier in front of you, you are just an ordinary logistics staff of the Soul Organization, why can