in task now is to dodge the tornado. Once such a huge bloody tornado attacks the knight’s battle formation, it will consume a lot of blood power, which is detrimental to the knight’s battle formation’s delay.

When Speaker Gould wanted to come, it would take Lord Arthur two days to arrive. Even if he used any special means, it would be reduced to about half a day at most.
Therefore, he led the knight battle formation and had to fight on the upper reaches of Haida for two days before he could wait for reinforcements from Lord Arthur.
/In the sky, the incarnation of the ‘God of Blood’ drew a bloody pattern and flew towards the knight’s battle formation.
/Speaker Gould was easily killed by the legendary knights because of the fifth-level bloody figures on both sides, and when he felt that it would be easier to just deal with the bloody tornado, the blood pattern fell on the knight’s battle formation.
He felt a weight on his body, and the speed of him and the entire knight formation slowed down.
“Slow down! Damn it, this is the ‘Blood God’ awakening and paying attention here!” Speaker Gould no longer had any scruples at this time, he shouted in the knight battle formation.
If it were just an incarnation of the ‘Blood God’, they could still cope with it, but if it had the ‘Blood God”s personal attention, this battle would be troublesome.
You must know that the means that a divine thought can be used are extremely limited. Generally, gods can only put at most two to three abilities into their divine thoughts, and there can only be one particularly powerful ability among them.
From the beginning to the present, the incarnation of the ‘God of Blood’ has used the ‘Blood Realm’ and summoned a bloody figure, which has also displayed the deceleration talent ability. This is definitely not something that a normal incarnation of the spirit can display.
“Inform Lord Arthur immediately not to come over, don’t let him be in danger!” Speaker Gould shouted to Mike’s legendary knight.
Speaker Gould thought of Lord Arthur at this time. Since there is a god here, even though he is just borrowing a spiritual incarnation, he also understands that he cannot resist it.
These legendary knights have fallen here, and they can no longer drag Lord Arthur into the water.
Speaker Gould knew very well that even if he died, as long as Lord Arthur was around, the Main family would not have much influence. With his friendship with Lord Arthur, Lord Arthur would definitely protect the Main family. of.
“Speaker Gould, don’t worry!” Mike, the legendary knight, said calmly.
Speaker Gould had no time to talk distractedly. Due to the deceleration state, the speed of the knight battle formation dropped and was overtaken by the bloody tornado.
The bloody tornadoes hit the knight formation one after another. The blood energy that the bloody tornadoes can gather is extremely terrifying. The impact of this collision is much more powerful than the attack of the bloody figure.
Chancellor Gould felt that the power of the legendary bloodline in the knig