llowed the two people in front and ran out diagonally. However, this turn was extremely abrupt, coupled with the height of the pseudo-Nutou His stature was absolutely obvious, so there was no possibility of concealment. The centaur not far away who had already started to draw his bow was obviously stunned for a moment, and then he also ran forward diagonally, as if he wanted to stop the pseudo-Nauer head and his group. That’s it. , the straight-line distance between the two sides was rapidly approaching, and the centaur was running slower and slower, as if it was estimating the distance at which it could shoot an arrow.

Pei Jiao was also calculating the straight-line distance between the two, as well as the distance to the red devil in the distance, because both sides were very fast, and he was only making visual observations and did not have detailed data to evaluate. , so at this moment he really focused all his attention. In this state, he felt that everything around him seemed to slow down, and once again he entered this weird state again!
(Two thousand meters, no, about two thousand five hundred meters. The centaur is already about two thousand five hundred meters away from the red devil, and the straight-line distance from us is about one thousand five hundred meters. Damn it, such a long distance Has it started to draw its bow?)
Pei Jiao seemed to be watching a movie in slow motion. He watched the centaur suddenly stop at a point, and then slowly lift up the huge emerald bow. Pei Jiao naturally knew what this action was. The men and horses were about to draw their bows and shoot arrows, so he no longer hesitated and roared loudly: “False bull head! Target, centaur!”
As soon as the roar came out, the slow state around him immediately disappeared. Pei Jiao only saw a flash of emerald green condensed on the centaur’s giant bow. Then the light flashed slightly. The next second, it was still a thousand and five meters away. The chest of the pseudo-cow head a hundred meters away had been completely pierced. An emerald-green bow arrow directly pierced it twice, and then shot far into the large group of ordinary ghosts behind it.
Pei Jiao’s eyes turned red when he saw it. He didn’t know if the fake bull head would begin to dissipate after receiving such a heavy blow, but he knew that the most critical moment had come, whether he could kill the centaur in the shortest time!
There was a crackle of thunder and lightning, and Pei Jiao had transformed into a thunder and lightning giant, following behind the fake bull head, rushing towards the centaur at a hundred meters in one step.
One thousand five hundred meters distance
Speaking of which, this distance is actually quite long. If ordinary people wanted to run this distance, the time would have to be at least measured in minutes. Even many people who lack exercise would not be able to run this 1,500 meters at all. .
/But between true demon-level ghosts or free souls, the distance of 1,500 meters is actually quite short. Especially for a soul like Pei Jia