eone’s sea of ??consciousness at all. The holy statue can be regarded as a huge sea of ??outer sea of ??consciousness, and it has infinite spiritual strength. It can not only transform magic but also transform Divine power. And according to what Dosalun said, there is no limit to the capacity of one’s own magic and divine power.

This is really too powerful, that is the real magic furnace. Hel’s eyes were changing when he saw the Immortal King.
“That holy statue must no longer exist.” The Immortal King glanced around and said.
“You guessed it right. My last experiment blew the icon and myself into pieces, leaving only this space.” Dosarun said with emotion.
“Although it has become this space, the original power of the icon should still be there, and the people inside can have unlimited power.”
/The Immortal King said calmly: “But is that holy statue really that perfect? ??In terms of magic furnace, Kesidu should not be able to achieve greater achievements than the other three people of the same era.
“Kestu’s icon must have shortcomings, right? The icon’s power probably comes from the prayers of believers in the Holy See. The icon is basically a collector and converter.”
Dosarun did not answer, but his silence was the best proof.
“I have always noticed that the energy in the central area of ??the Holy See fluctuates periodically. Correspondingly, the power of the Holy See also changes periodically. Every twenty-five years, the Holy See will have a low period of power. , I am afraid this is the sequelae caused by the existence of this space.” The Immortal King said sarcastically.
“I must admit that this was indeed my mistake. The explosion occurred in half a dimension, so I don’t know which level this space is located at. For many years, I have been hoping to open a channel to connect to the real space.” Dosarun was helpless. The ground sighed.
“Then how did I get in?” Hull asked in confusion.
“You have an artifact that can penetrate half-dimensional space. When you were attacked, that artifact had been activated, but it took time to fully activate. However, the place where you are coincides with that half-dimensional space, so you It was a complete coincidence that I was pulled in,” Dosalun explained.
“Half-dimensional space? What a coincidence? The entrance to the library is the entrance to the space created by Kesdu?” Hel asked in surprise.
“One-third of the entire central area of ??the Holy See is covered by a half-dimensional area. The explosion caused a series of changes, causing the volume and location of the Kesdu Chamber to change.” Dosalun said.
Hull immediately remembered that the spiritual power that gave him a huge sense of oppression was undoubtedly transmitted from this mysterious dimensional space.
“How can I get out?” Hull asked.
“Don’t worry, since I’m here, I have a way to take you out.” The Immortal King said confidently.
“Manipulate time and travel through space. The direction of power you are pursuing is ‘control of time and space.'” Dozaren glanced at the Immortal King. This was s