o all countries in the world and is feared by every country.

Super magicians are terrifying because of their ability to sequence advanced magic.
Imagine that the super magician transcends the limitations of each department and combines the dance of the dead and the howl of death in the necromantic system, the hurricane, tsunami, fire rain, and lightning spread in the elemental system, the spiritual storm in the spiritual system, and the planes in the space system. What a disaster it would be if these horrific magics such as Collapse were sequenced and then unleashed among the crowd.
Secondly, the super magician can use advanced prophecy magic and advanced illusion magic at the same time. In this way, most alarm wards are completely ineffective against them. If a super magician wants to enter a certain place, no one except another super magician can detect and stop him.
“I will find a way to arrange everything properly.” The Pope nodded and said.
“There is no need to be too reluctant. If we really can’t lose both sides, let the special envoy succeed in revenge. Don’t let him realize that we are plotting against him behind his back.
“For countries, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. As long as the conditions are right, enemies can also become friends. But this is not the case between people, especially people like the special envoy. He Once you are angered, you will definitely fight to the death.” The white-bearded old man sighed.
“I will drag in another group of people and make them the targets of the envoy’s hatred.” The Pope immediately thought.
“People over there?” the old man with a white beard asked, pointing to the north. To the north of the Holy See are the three major provinces, which now belong to the territory of the Beru Empire.
“As long as we start to evacuate irrelevant people from the Inquisition’s base, the Inquisition will know that someone is going to attack them. At that time, I will let them know who wants to attack through the spies they have planted inside us. Once they know that the attack is coming from the Devil’s Mountains, I believe they will definitely ask for help from their allies,” Paul III said.
Although he rarely interfered in worldly affairs, Paul III also experienced a lot of struggle to be able to sit on the throne of the Pope. He also used various strategies and tried every means to squeeze out other people to get up, so he just thought about it in a flash. Countermeasures.
/“Aren’t you worried that the special envoy will be in danger?” The white-bearded old man looked a little worried.
“How could more than two hundred super magicians be eliminated so easily? What’s more, if the special envoy had no strength, how could he escape two attacks?
“There are obvious signs of using life prayer at the scene. In this case, the envoy was able to escape. His strength can be imagined.” The Pope said: “I have always suspected that he has the ability to manipulate space. .”
/The white-bearded old man frowned and said, “I’m afraid it’s not that this person’s abil