e been very few extraordinary people in the eleventh level. Heavenly tribulations at this level are rare. It is the greatest test from God to a being who has transcended limits. It is also the most profound gift. If you survive it, you will have a brighter future!”

“This can only be said that he is really unlucky. He encountered four consecutive earthquakes today. Everyone is falling into trouble. Naturally, he encountered the most serious setback.”
“It’s a pity that such a catastrophe is rare in this era of mythology, especially in modern times. It should be the only one! If it were a normal era, he should be extremely brilliant at this time and successfully overcome the catastrophe, but now, he has become the hero of the times. Victims, a disastrous failure!”
People talk about how extraordinary beings from all walks of life, from decaying wards to outer space, are aware of what’s going on and understand the “truth.”
/Some felt pity, some smiled, some shook their heads, and some were silent.
Many people suddenly discovered that not long ago, extraordinary people of all walks of life were gloomy and gloomy. Now that they heard that a young man who was more amazing and stronger than the tenth-level limit breaker failed to overcome the tribulation, the atmosphere suddenly relaxed.
“Human nature is so bad. When you know that someone is worse off and has missed the opportunity to be recorded in history, your own pain seems to be nothing.”
Some people were ashamed, but others didn’t take it seriously. A smile appeared on their faces and they felt much better.
Underground, Wang Xuan stood up. This time, his skin was peeling off and his whole body was exchanging blood. The ground was full of bright red. He calmly smeared some blood on his body, leaving it covered with blood.
Then, he found a pair of armor, blasted it to pieces, put it on, and then began to smear the remaining blood on it, looking very miserable.
Of course, burnt old skin is also a good paint, and the body must have black and tribulation ashes.
/“You’re such a bitch, tell me, who do you want to beat to death?” Chen Yongjie looked at him with eyes wide open. He knew that Wang Jiaozu was not a kind person now!
Wang Xuan responded calmly: “Where are you thinking? I’m tired of fighting and killing, and I don’t want to conflict with others, so I keep a low profile. As long as I fail, people outside will be very happy and relieved. I shouldn’t It will embarrass me.”
Chen Yongjie was speechless and finally sighed: “I also want to be this low-key and be a silent strong man, but now, my strength does not allow it!”
Wang Xuan said: “I am doing it for the convenience of others and myself. Let’s form a good relationship. I don’t want to have a violent conflict with those people. Anyway, I have done what I should do. I try to keep a low profile and be patient.”
This is his inner voice. Who wants to have a conflict and be at the center of a storm? Especially at this time, there is a tremor outside, everyone is out of state, but you have such a beautiful scen