behind Hel.

These people had already noticed Hull’s group when they were still seven or eight kilometers away from the cliff.
Among Hull’s group, only the Necromancer was the most troublesome to the Soul-Eating Sect. They did not have the strength and vision of the old man Buster, so in their eyes, the Necromancer Des was the most powerful of the two. The most difficult one to deal with, but there is nothing strange about Hel at all.
/Necromantic magic naturally restrains the curse magic they specialize in. Most curses have no effect on undead creatures, and there is no powerful attack magic in curse magic. On the contrary, necromancy magic has attacks like “Skeleton Explosion” Curse.
What’s more, everyone can see that Des is a high-level necromancer. The strength of the necromancer is written on his face. The more powerful the magician is, the stronger the aura of death is. Because of this, the appearance is closer to that of a zombie.
A skeleton-like guy like Des is definitely the best among necromancers, and high-level necromancers are almost synonymous with danger.
Although the sect’s power could kill the necromancer, Des’s dying counterattack was also likely to cause them heavy losses.
Therefore, they had already discussed on the top of the mountain to prevent Hull and his party from entering the monastery as much as possible. Even if they could not refuse, they would at least keep the necromancer Des below.
But at this moment, the arrogant magician saw that Hel was not affected by the fear storm and did not fall into panic and brain confusion. He couldn’t help but feel vigilant.
/Suddenly he discovered that, except for Hull, the maids were also unaffected.
The maids brought by Hull can be said to be the strangest magicians in the world, because they came out of Savage Ridge and were born with a kind of submissive heart.
In front of the Immortal King, they are obedient and devout believers. Next to the divine envoy Hel, they are obedient slaves. Therefore, when they are not performing magic, ordinary people will think that except for people like the strange old man, They are real maids.
People in the Soul-Eating Cult were also convinced of this. The reason why Hel and the dozen female guard magicians were not affected by the fear storm was attributed to the Necromancer Des.
Des’s strength was immediately increased several times, and his danger was also increased accordingly. Originally, they planned to take action immediately, but they had to postpone it. They were not ready to fight this tough battle. If the Necromancer came prepared, although the Soul-Eating Sect might not be defeated, it would definitely suffer heavy losses. .
So the arrogant man said in a gentle tone: “I’m afraid it’s hard for me to explain to you how much it costs to wake up Miss Lida.”
“That doesn’t matter. It’s precisely because I am a layman that I invited experts.”
Of course, Hull was referring to the necromancer Des. Before coming here, they had made a plan. Des would stand in the most conspicuous position as a target to