of the domain. Everyone had a vague feeling that if they had no way to support it and no way to resist this seizure, then they would Permanently incapacitated.

Just thinking about this makes them feel weak.
“Was it successful?”
It was the old man who broke the silence. After all, he was not a skill master. He did not have the vision of a master or a grand master, so he could see the clouds and mountains. Originally, he tried to see some tricks from the reactions of other people, but at this moment, the skills surrounding him The teacher either seemed to be deep in thought, or his face was dull, with no content at all.
“Successful.” The answer was war craftsman Gron: “It can also be said that it was not successful.”
The old man was very depressed. This kind of answer was the most annoying to him. It was almost the same as no answer at all.
At this moment, Balance Master Locke gently patted the old man’s shoulder and said in an unusually low voice: “Let me tell you, that armor has actually been successful. If I read it correctly, that armor The armor functions as a clone, and as long as you wear it, you can clone yourself into millions.”
“Billions of clones? Impossible, unless the clones are all transformed images, otherwise it is absolutely impossible. If the so-called billions of clones are just images, they are of no use at all.” The old man said immediately.
The old man is definitely a master, and the management committee has a special file that records the abilities and experiences of all top-level beings. A war saint who has reached the ultimate in clone skills can separate up to one hundred and thirty physical clones.
/As for the phantom clone, it is very useful against ordinary soldiers, but it is completely meaningless when used against the War Saint. The battle at the War Saint level is a confrontation between domains, and strange techniques such as illusions are of minimal use.
“What if all images were projections of a separate space?” Rocker said.
The old man was slightly stunned. He didn’t understand the meaning of Locke’s words. After thinking hard for a while, his expression changed slightly.
Although it still can’t be said to be a real clone, the effect is indeed very similar to the real clone. According to legend, this is how the gods create an incarnation in the human world to spread their religion.
After thinking for a while, the old man still shook his head: “No, the strength will not be increased billions of times because of the billions of clones, but will be scattered because of the clones. Isn’t such armor useless at all?”
Locke sighed: “Didn’t you think of it? The value of this armor is that the person who wears it is equivalent to having an immortal body. Unless all the phantom clones are destroyed, otherwise only the projection will be destroyed. ”
This Grand Master was indeed sharp-sighted, and he could see the essence of the armor refined by Hull at a glance. To put it bluntly, this armor was an upgraded and strengthened version of the Phantom Spider.
“There are many ways to