survive. In this environment, almost all of them are covered with thick sores and skin diseases. Most of the humans have blank eyes. Even if Zhang Heng approached them, they didn’t react at all. They looked like they were crazy or stupid. Only a few people, about twenty or thirty people, slowly regained clarity in their eyes, and they all looked at Zhang Heng blankly. Heng came closer and looked at the bloody mud road behind Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng was silent, gritting his teeth, wishing he could bring these mountain barbarians back to life and kill them again, or extract their souls and use all their souls to light sky lanterns!
Unfortunately, this wish could not be realized, so he could only rush out of the fence and kick a howling mountain barbarian woman into pieces. If he hadn’t controlled it rationally, the remaining mountain barbarian women would never have survived. Come next!
“Let’s go, leave this hell, and take good care of the future. In the future, I will lead you to exterminate this race! I will definitely avenge your blood!”
What Zhang Heng did next was simple. He pulled out a few huge logs at will, and tied them together with the thorn rope used by the mountain barbarians. After doing this, he tied the other end of the thorn rope. On the bodies of those mountain barbarian women, they directly crushed their bones to pieces, and then all the people who were still alive were carried away on the logs.
/Zhang Heng swung a thick bronze chain in his hand. It was one of the few bronze artifacts he found in the village. He also collected other bronze axes and the like. Of course, there was also a large There was a pile of plant seeds or roots, and some dried meat that he didn’t dare to ask for. God knows what kind of meat these were.
/When he shouted the word “Go”, he raised his hand and struck out with a chain. With a bang, a little bit of flesh and blood flew off the backs of the mountain barbarian women in front of him. The faces of these mountain barbarian women were full of hatred and fear, and they buried their heads. He dragged it forward, dragging the logs and the humans on them, and slowly walked into the jungle.
All of this, including Zhang Heng’s charge into the mountain stronghold and massacre, and finally his rescue of human beings and his command of the mountain barbarians to advance, during all of this, several eagles were circling and flying in the sky, watching all of this until After Zhang Heng and his group entered the jungle, the eagles flew back into the jungle and flew towards the quiet forest in the distance.
It wasn’t until those eagles flew out of sight that Zhang Heng looked at the sky and sneered. Only then did he fully confirm the idea that the so-called soul masters were immortal cultivators. His advantage was really too great. , if he were still alive at this moment, even with this strength, he would probably be exhausted from the battle just now, not to mention the accumulation of dense wounds, he would probably be dead. .
But the Soul Man is not afraid. Ordinary da