population was being calculated, large-scale conscription would begin.

What I didn’t expect was that Kesdu began to select apprentices suitable for learning magic among children under the age of six.
More than 2,000 children were gathered in Auckland.
/The recruitment of apprentices is expanding, first to children under six years old, then under ten years old, and now it has begun to select among teenagers as young as fourteen years old.
At the same time, a steady flow of population flowed from the conquered lands to the Frankish center. The number of immigrants has exceeded seven million, almost all of them are young adults. They will farm while receiving military training. In five years, Frank will have forty new regiments.
/At the same time, craftsmen from all over the country are also being gathered in Auckland. Charlie is gathering these craftsmen not only to build combat tools, but also to improve siege machinery. If he wants to capture the northern countries as quickly as possible, he must not use soldiers. Fighting a war of attrition has been proven during the conquest of Seljuk.
The only correct choice is to use powerful and numerous siege machines, combined with huge magical power, to quickly break through the enemy’s defenses.
Seven years have passed. For the entire continent, this has been a relatively peaceful seven years, but it has also been an extremely busy seven years. During these seven years, no country on the continent has the slightest leisure, and all countries are preparing for the upcoming Preparations are being made for the war that will occur.
After seven years of rest and recuperation, the Frankish Kingdom became stronger than ever before. A total of 13 million people migrated from the conquered lands, almost equal to the population of the original Frankish Kingdom.
In the past seven years, the magic school founded by Kesdu has nearly 5,000 students.
Within the scope of the influence of the Frankish Kingdom, the number of magicians that can be recruited exceeds 3,000, which was absolutely unimaginable in the past.
Frank’s magical power is not just these. The Holy See controlled by Kesdu already has millions of believers, among which there are about 5,000 people who can use light magic. Divine magic comes from faith and is far easier to obtain than magical power.
But the most important thing is that Kesdu, Bagley, and I have researched the magic furnace quite deeply. Although it has not yet reached the level of being able to continuously extract magic power, it can already be used in war.
The magic furnace studied by Kesdu is called the Heart of Light, Bagley’s magic furnace is called Angel Wings, and I call my magic furnace the Cosmic Ring.
It must be admitted that the Heart of Light is more practical. It gathers many people to meditate, gathers a large amount of magic power with very high efficiency, and then uses the magic power concentratedly. Anyone can use the energy of the Heart of Light, and there is something in the Heart of Light. is pure magic and can be used to perfo