there was a slight pause, these clumsy guys would be attacked.

Indeed, compared to shotguns, miniguns are more suitable to be mounted on the Spider Magic Machine. In addition to the fact that miniguns can fire continuously, their recoil is also much smaller.
The sensitivity of these Beru people to military and military technology is indeed not comparable to that of people from other countries.
“Are you satisfied with your desk?” Yaqian asked from the side.
“It’s a very nice place, although it’s a little noisy, but there’s no place where it’s easier for me to know what United Steel needs to do,” Hull said.
This was indeed the truth. Of course, he also knew that the young lady in front of him had some intention of teasing him.
“Can I bring the Union Steel engineers here?” Hull asked.
He tried his best to make it appear that he was on business, so that at least the young lady would have less trouble with him.
“This is not under my control. If you want to know the answer, you can ask Martin. He is the director of safety here. I think he will ask United Steel’s engineers to come here. After all, you are the only one. It’s useless, I’ve seen your resume, you have never studied industry or mechanics, you are a complete layman in this area.” Yaqi said.
There was a hint of contempt in her tone, because the scores in various university subjects attached to her resume really made her dismissive. The real Philip was a science idiot, and subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry were just Just passing, which would definitely be looked down upon in Beru.
“Can you tell me what specifically you want us to do? I need to know the content of the cooperation so that I can write a report and report the scale of the cooperation to the superiors.” Hel paused, then put his face in front of Yaqian and said: “I I studied budgeting, and I’m an expert at it.”
The female sky knight took a step back, and then said in a disapproving tone: “Okay, Mr. Expert, let me show you around here.”
As she spoke, she snapped her fingers, and the group of testers in white coats who were testing the Spider Magic Machine in the distance immediately stopped what they were doing.
Soon several carts covered with cloth were pushed out from the side room.
Yaqian opened a cover, and there was nothing underneath but a metal plate. The metal plate was only the size of an ordinary book, very thin, less than a centimeter thick.
There was a red button in the center of the cover. Yaqian pressed the button lightly and saw the metal plate opening like petals.
/Suddenly, as if by magic, a square metal object appeared from underneath. This thing was definitely assembled with many parts. As soon as this strange metal cube appeared, it immediately stretched out and turned into a weird-looking car in the blink of an eye.
Hull could tell what it was at a glance. There must be something like a space ring inlaid on that metal plate, and the entrance to the different space was always open. When the folding car was closed, it could be inserted into it. This s