tterly and said: “Damn it, who knew that after using this move, I would be in this situation? I feel so powerless, and I also have a feeling of being pure and reborn, and I just want to get angry. I also feel that there is no fire left, and I really don’t know if I will become a monk if I use it a few more times.”

Everyone looked at the two people in front of them dumbfounded. Gong Yeyu looked calm and calm, while Pei Jiao’s face was full of violence and anger. This situation seemed too weird.
At this moment, a dozen base staff in white suddenly cheered, and a series of password characters suddenly appeared on a huge computer screen in front of everyone. Then the entire screen suddenly changed, and a series of password characters appeared on the screen. A video was released. This is a huge conference room, but what is strange is that there is only a huge screen placed on each table in the conference room. Other than that, there is no one in the entire conference room.
“As you said, we did excavate ‘that’ thing you mentioned, but we were unable to get close to it. We have lost three work teams for this. Why didn’t you remind us of such a thing in advance?”
/On a screen on a conference table, a man spoke loudly.
So everyone asked these staff to repair the video and crack the final password. Only then did the scene happen. But when the video appeared in front of everyone, it had already started from the middle of the video, and It is very obvious that a lot is missing in the later part of the video.
When the man in the video asked loudly, a cold male voice suddenly said: “I only told you the location of the Nether Core from the beginning, and I didn’t ask you to move it. The reason why you decided on your own Moving it is just a plan to threaten me. This has nothing to do with me. According to our agreement, when the core of the Lord Nether is found, I will appear and open it for you. I will abide by this. protocol.”
/When this cold male voice appeared, Pei Jiao and others discovered a strange thing in the video, that is, in the line of sight video, all the people on the screen looked at the mid-air in the center of the conference room, and this voice came out At this time, none of the people on the screens spoke. Obviously, this sound was not made by any of the people on the screen.
At this time, the person on the other screen suddenly asked in a deep voice: “What do you want? Ever since you sent people to contact us, you have never asked for anything except giving. Although we also know that these gifts are all what we urgently need. It can even be said that you are holding our lifeline, so we naturally dare not refuse to agree to your orders, but we are afraid that your plans are too big, so big that even the entire human race is not enough, so we Be more direct, what do you want?”
This cold male voice did not hesitate, and said directly: “I want the ‘original sin’ to disappear. As for what the ‘original sin’ is, you will naturally know it after I crack the core of Lord Nese, so now I will come Fulfilled the