gy and art.

Perhaps it is an intuition. I feel that Kesidu may have discovered the secret of power harmony without knowing it. At least one thing is certain. He did not choose to specialize in a certain aspect, although he is very good at predicting magic. It took more effort, but so far he is still a full-system magician.
The day of the fighting ceremony finally arrived, and many people came. The highest-ranking person present was Archmage Gexin. If I read it correctly, Gexin was already preparing to reach the heavenly level. The other three wise men who are as famous as the Southern Wise Men are also present. I must admit that none of them are strong enough to challenge me.
/These people are definitely not people that Charlie can invite. They are definitely here for the sake of the wise man from the south.
It’s a pity that Kesdu took the opportunity to leave. The southern wise man was obviously very angry. It seemed that he didn’t know the reason why Kesdo left, so he took out his grievances on Charlie. The old man was really confused.
I spent a lot of effort to defeat him, and the battle dragged on for a long time. The final result was that Bagley’s magic power was exhausted.
I have benefited a lot from fighting this madman. The longer I fight with him, the more interesting I find his “craziness”. This kind of “madness” gives me a feeling very similar to the legendary “madness”, except that “madness” enhances the power of the body, and this kind of “madness” enhances the intensity of magic and magic.
Victory is inevitable for me, and now I have finally realized the benefits of my new magic. In the eyes of others, after such a long war of attrition, I should have exhausted my magic power. Who would have thought that my Less than a quarter of the magic power was used.
/After experiencing Bagley’s stormy attack, this man’s attack seemed pale and weak. I didn’t even have to expend any energy fighting him. Not only was my magic power not lost, it even regained some of it. This should be the result of my long-term stay in the Temple of Life. benefits obtained.
The name of this little cunning guy is very strange. His name is Malajiji. What rivals his strange name is his ability. His ability is also very strange. This guy is actually a mutant and a magician.
This is probably the most vexing duel I have ever had. This guy has very strange abilities, and he knows how to combine his strange abilities with magic. This combination of magic is hard to guard against, and I can only support it all the time. Shield and maintain anti-invisibility magic to fight him.
Not only that, I also have to be wary of his endless mind blasting and confinement magic. The set of things he is good at are simply the natural enemies of magicians.
However, Malajiji also has a fatal weakness. He lacks effective attack methods. Those combination magics can make any magician busy, but they cannot kill people.
I knocked him down with a series of powerful attacks. What I didn’t expect was that this guy actually wanted to become my disciple on