st was wrapped around, making it difficult for people to see the scene inside. The original contemptuous laughter turned into a painful roar, and the other person’s panicked voice could only be heard.

“Fellow Taoist Five Poisons, you are just joking! You are just joking! I never took action in the end, I never”
At the moment when the sound suddenly stopped, the black and white Tai Chi Pisces diagram swirling in the sky had already turned into the water and fire Tai Chi in the colorful spiritual light.
The increasingly fierce storm gradually dissipated as the palms under the oil umbrella dropped.
When I looked again, the two gray-black figures were standing there for a long time like clay sculptures, but one was burned like coke, and the other was corroded like mud.
In the wind and rain, Chu Weiyang could actually hear some startled squeezing sounds.
“I have been ordered to do things for my own convenience. Anyone who acts recklessly will be punished by being beheaded! I order you and others who make mistakes to make up for their mistakes. If you do not respond, you will be punished together with those who went before!”
As he finished speaking, another bright light shone out from the jade talisman around Chu Weiyang’s waist.
In an instant, most of the cultivators who stood still at first breathed a sigh of relief, but those who stopped later had their sneer expressions suddenly frozen on their faces.
When he looked again, the jade talismans hanging on their waists were already glowing with scarlet aura.
But no one in the place dared to charge towards Chu Weiyang!
Not only because of the two standing dead figures, but also because of Chu Weiyang’s ferocious connotation that spread more and more with the bloody aura.
That was in Chu Weiyang’s mind. The memory fragments that had been eliminated from Zhong Chaoyuan’s memory were briefly connected to his own aura by Chu Weiyang using the secret technique of wedding clothes.
What they faced was not only the darkness and coldness of Chu Weiyang who had walked through the ghosts and ghosts, but also the unruly and tyrannical spirit of a true Taoist master of the Yuanmen Great Sect!
In the original place, the group of people earlier did not move, and the group behind them did not escape either.
Except for the sweeping wind and rain, everyone stood where they were, as if time had frozen.
Everyone was waiting for Chu Weiyang to speak again, saying that it was just a harmless joke like when everyone first appeared.
But after several breaths passed, when Chu Weiyang’s voice sounded again, the cold and gloomy voice almost made them breathless.
“I didn’t mean to do this.”
/“But after all, it was you who started it, so let’s have a good time!”
“They are just a group of monks in the Qi Refining Stage. You are the poor Taoist. Come to think of it, what can be done by more than twenty people can be done by a dozen people; what can be done by a dozen people can be done by just a few people.” That should be enough.”
“The punishment of execution is to be executed immed