mediately wanted to discuss scriptures with Lao Zhang and hurried out.

Zhang Daoling glanced at him and said: “You and I are talking about Mao’s Taoist scriptures, isn’t it just ten sections, and you are confused? What, you want top-secret scriptures that are passed down orally? You and Fang Yuzhu can go get it then. , go study with her.”
/Lao Zhang said again: “Okay, I have been guarding my body for you for two days and two nights. Hurry up, take out the roc egg, fry it until it’s cooked, and drink some Tianxian drunkenness. It’s just a so-so food and drink.” ”
However, this late night is destined not to be peaceful. A hazy curtain emerges, infinitely approaching the manor, bringing great pressure to people.
“Zhang Jiaozu, are you here too? It’s better to leave.” In the big curtain, there is a figure, with a touch of chaotic energy, holding an ancient flag, with the grand momentum of swallowing the stars!
/Next to him, Zheng Yuantian was wearing black armor, even his face was covered!
Wang Xuanhan’s hair stood on end. Are you trying to show off your face and come after him? Big trouble!
However, his eyes were cold, who was afraid of whom? If it really comes to a fight, it’s not necessarily about who will live and who will die. The worst he can do is expose the treasured health furnace. He also has four peerless masters here. I don’t believe he can’t kill the other party!
Of course, if it really gets to that point, the health furnace will probably be known to the world, and it will probably be difficult for him to keep it at this stage.
Outside the manor, the big screen glowed, and it suddenly appeared in the middle of the night, in the dead of night. Although it looked sacred, it made people feel palpitating and had a sense of horror.
That’s Hengjun. Is he about to cross the border with the treasure in his hand? This day came suddenly, making all parties uneasy.
Not only the expressions of Zhang Daoling, the Ancestor of the Nether Blood Sect, and others changed, but the strong men from all sides in the scene were also alerted and learned of Hengjun’s movements.
“Hengjun, why are you here?” Zhang Daoling asked. As the ancestor of a sect, even when faced with the incomprehensible feather banner, he still has great majesty and his expression is cold and calm.
“I’m here for him.” Hengjun pointed to Wang Xuan outside the house and by the Reed Lake with his feathered flag.
He has white hair, but a very young face and deep eyes. He is wearing a fairy clothes woven from the silkworms of the Yin and Yang God. He stands behind the curtain, surrounded by chaos and unfathomable.
“Lao Heng, aren’t you the most unwilling to get involved in other people’s fights? Why are you here now to help Zheng Jueshi?” the Netherblood Sect Ancestor said.
“Ningxue, are you taking sides and trying to make an enemy of Dao Brother Hengjun and me?” Zheng Yuantian said, the dark armor giving people a mysterious and heavy feeling.
The ancestor of the Dark Blood Sect looked at him sideways and said: “Zheng Heixin, not long ago, you, Q