into a ball of light blue flames. In the blink of an eye, a hexagonal armor plate appeared. In front of you.

The armor is as thin as cicada wings, as colored as iron, and exudes a faint metallic sheen.
The shaped armor pieces were flying in the air, and occasionally the armor pieces collided together to make a crisp “clanging” sound.
Hull, who was outside the work space, was also not idle. He quickly formed seals with his hands. Enchanting is the only work that cannot be completed by a separated conscious body, because enchanting requires the body to absorb the surrounding magical energy. Form a special magic circle and insert it into the materials that need to be enchanted.
Inner armor is used to save life. The requirements are actually very simple. First, it must be able to integrate into the body, and secondly, it must improve the body’s toughness.
In the past, he mostly attached the two magics of “Steel Skin” and “Reinforced Iron Bone” to his inner armor, and occasionally added “Accelerated Recovery”. However, after escaping from death several times in the recent period, he has become more interested in the inner armor. has a completely different understanding of its role.
/Just like at this moment, what he had penetrated into those armor pieces were “mirror rebound” and “slickness”.
In his opinion, when being attacked, it is better to be knocked away than to be hit hard. The former can withstand 100% of the blow force, while the latter can at least weaken the blow force by half. Although he looks disgraced, his life can be destroyed. Keep.
All the successfully refined armor pieces were poured out. The next step is to embed these armor pieces into the hexagonal mesh. This is not a difficult thing. The two originally grew together. Now Just the appearance has changed.
As Hull’s hand gently brushed it, all the joints merged together seamlessly, and the entire inner armor was integrated.
The things Hull made are absolutely beautiful. The tight-fitting inner armor clearly outlines the lines of the human body. The surface is shiny and smooth like a mirror. If you hold it in your hand and take a look, you can clearly reflect the person’s face. .
The surface of the nail plate is also covered with a layer of light, which makes people know that it is not ordinary at a glance.
He glanced up and down with the Grand Master’s Eye, and Hel himself felt quite satisfied.
This is a divine product, seamless and flawless. The concept was simple but practical, and it looked beautiful but not flashy. He was even reluctant to hand it over.
After finishing, he looked around and saw that most of the people had just started, and some were even writing the names and properties of the materials.
After resting for more than an hour, Hull, who had nothing to do, even had the urge to go out for a walk, but he finally resisted because leaving the examination room meant giving up.
All the works and answers were collected.
A six-foot-long spear was placed in front of Hel’s eyes.
When he saw this thing, Hull smiled. He was very