nd down.

“Who are these three?” said the snake man named Labelle.
The little old man pursed his lips and said, “We can wait until we get back to discuss this matter.”
/The little old man brought Hel to a skinny old man.
“Wamon, it seems you still owe me a favor.” The little old man said, raising his head.
/“What’s the matter? Little mouse.” The thin old man glanced sideways at the little old man from the corner of his eye.
“I sent you an apprentice.”
The little old man pointed at Hel. He originally planned to let the three of them work together, but Hel had to maintain his dignity as a man no matter what. How could he let his wife do such a part-time job?
The thin old man also glanced sideways at Hull.
Hel originally didn’t care about this cold old monster, but that faint glance made him feel a chill from head to toe.
This is definitely not magic, but a power that can only be used by masters who challenge the heaven level – domain.
It was really hard for him to imagine that this thin old man, who looked inconspicuous at all, was actually a heaven-level master.
However, Hel is also well-informed. He has met more than one heaven-level powerhouse, and he has learned more or less about some heaven-level mysteries from Dosarun and the Immortal King.
Challenging the heavenly level is not necessarily a patent only for magicians. When a person reaches the extreme in some aspects, he will also unknowingly embark on the road of challenging the heavenly level. However, almost all of these people succeed. nothing.
The thin old man in front of me may be this kind of person.
Originally, Hull was absolutely dissatisfied with working as a laborer, but now that trace of dissatisfaction has long disappeared.
Being able to learn under such a person is no different from learning magic from the Immortal King.
What’s more, Hel has never really regarded himself as a magician. Except for the time when he first learned magic, he was really excited about it. Later, as he learned more about magic, he felt more and more that he was not a magician. material.
As time went by, as he gradually became less interested in the status and wealth that he was passionate about in the past, he vaguely felt that what he could really be proud of was the skills he had developed in the tailor shop, which he had earned through hard work. What we got was unlike those that came after, which relied entirely on unparalleled luck.
“Come with me.” The thin old man stood up and said.
When he followed the thin old man to a full warehouse, Hel remembered that he had not fused the magic core at all, and he was not able to show any strength beyond ordinary people.
“I don’t have any abilities yet,” he explained quickly.
“Do you think I’m blind? I can also see that the little mouse has tampered with you, but I’m not interested in who you are.”
The thin elder said: “I will teach you as promised, but I don’t make any guarantees about how much you can learn. You can be lazy or pretend that you can’t learn. I will never force you. If you don’t understand som