d Wei Xiaobei is not dead. Just talk about the fountain of youth water, World Tree Sap and other life-extending treasures that Wei Xiaobei once drank. Wei Xiaobei’s lifespan has been pushed to a height that ordinary people cannot imagine!

By calculation, it has a lifespan of at least three to four thousand years.
In this way, if Wei Xiaobei wants to leave here, he will have to stay for at least thousands of years or even longer. In other words, if the Aoki Paradise does not perish, Wei Xiaobei will stay here forever.
Well, Wei Xiaobei would not be willing to go through such an experience.
Therefore, even though he knew it might be an ineffective move, Wei Xiaobei still did it.
Turning around, raising his legs, Wei Xiaobei walked towards the original site of Guimen Pass at the starting point of Huangquan Road.
But, this is of no use.
Every step Wei Xiaobei took and fell seemed to be stepping on the original site of Guimen Pass, but when Wei Xiaobei stopped, he found that he was still stuck in the same place!
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei quickly stopped doing this.
Undoubtedly, this Huangquan Road is almost an independent space in Wei Xiaobei’s perception, sealing Wei Xiaobei inside.
The Huangquan Road forms a self-circulation of space according to the remaining life span of human beings. Anyone who steps in will be invisible in the self-circulation of this space and cannot leave.
Wei Xiaobei tried to leave by opening a space channel, but gave up helplessly after the test.
If you want to open a space channel connected to Qingmu Blessed Land here, it is hundreds of times more difficult than other places!
Well, after discovering this, Wei Xiaobei did not try any other way to leave Huangquan Road. Instead, he sat down on the spot, closed his eyes slightly, and slowed down his breathing, as if he had fallen asleep with his eyes closed.
Time passed bit by bit.
You can see through the little light coming from above that the sky outside has probably become dark at this time.
Finally, Wei Xiaobei slowly opened his eyes, with a bit of excitement in his eyes. He stretched out his left hand and took out the flower from the storage ring.
The Bana flower is still so fragrant and fragrant.
/However, after feeling the fragrance of flowers once, Wei Xiaobei was almost able to resist the fragrance, so his own memory did not appear in his mind.
The next moment, several strands of meat appeared on Wei Xiaobei’s left hand, and the strands fiercely penetrated into the core of the other side flower!
For a moment, the other shore flower seemed to shake as a whole, and there were some painful fluctuations, but this painful fluctuation soon disappeared as the flesh threads continued to penetrate.
A fiery red substance quickly entered Wei Xiaobei’s left hand along the flesh.
I have to say that this Flower of the Other Side is indeed something extraordinary. Even the Altar of Life, after swallowing the Flower of the Other Side, fell into a state of confusion. Wei Xiaobei gently touched it with his spiritual mind, only to find th