remely close. It can even be seen from the changes of Amaterasu God at that time that the rules of gravity contained in the Black Hole Stone originated from the rules of light and heat, but it has From a certain perspective, it is a variant of the photothermal rule, or an extension of the photothermal rule.

While Wei Xiaobei felt that slight gravitational force, he tried to connect the power tide rules in his body with this gravitational force.
But after a long time, Wei Xiaobei sighed and put away the Black Hole Stone.
From this black hole stone, Wei Xiaobei has researched some things, such as combining it with the rules of floating to control the gravity of objects.
Wei Xiaobei stretched out his right hand and pointed lightly at a boulder not far in front. The boulder, which weighed more than several hundred tons, swayed slightly, then floated and continued to rise upwards until it was above the ground. It stopped just after 100 meters.
However, this kind of gravity control focuses more on the rules of floating, and the influence of gravity does not reach the level of rules.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was not puzzled by this, which only meant that his strength was not strong enough to master this gravity rule.
/As time passed bit by bit, the rubble around Wei Xiaobei’s body continued to float, condensed into a ball in the air, and kept shrinking and squeezing inward. After compressing into a round boulder, it suddenly collapsed and turned into a stone. The sky was full of rubble, falling down.
But sometimes, the gravel will completely disintegrate into gravel, but will soon gather into stones, and then condense into boulders again.
This cycle repeated over and over again, and time continued to pass. Soon the sky became gray and the sun set.
At this time, in the high altitude in the distance, several drones flew over with a slight buzzing sound. After arriving at the suburbs of the capital, they dispersed and started cruising according to different paths.
Naturally, these drones did not appear out of thin air. The Tianzhu Capital Military Region was responsible for monitoring several reconnaissance companies in the ruined capital. They released drones at fixed times every day to explore the situation in the ruined capital.
After all, the boss of this military region still holds the idea of ??taking back the capital.
Just think about it and you will know that although this place has been completely destroyed by the Bull Demon King, it is still the former capital of Tianzhu. If someone can take it back, let alone other things, the glory and even the political significance are unknown. How many benefits.
Besides, as a capital, the various materials stored in it are also extremely terrifying. The Bull Demon King destroyed a lot of buildings and killed many citizens, but most of the materials were stored underground, so there may be more. Many remain.
In addition, there are confidential documents and information from various government departments, as well as scientific research materials from various universit