e two extraordinary men took a step forward and stood in front of President Bedel.

The two extraordinary faces were extremely ugly, but they managed to hold on.
David didn’t take action. He felt Archbishop Choate’s control of his breath, and he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.
“Archbishop Choate, what do you mean?” President Biddle said in an amplified voice.
“I was rude. I’m not used to people rejecting my Lord’s oracles!” Archbishop Choate took back his breath and said calmly.
/A fifth-level priest behind Archbishop Choate used his companion’s body as a cover, waved his fingers in front of him, and used his spirit to draw a complex pattern.
“If there’s nothing else, we’ll say goodbye!” President Beadle said in a deep voice, he didn’t like Archbishop Choate’s way of communicating and used his strength to suppress others whenever they disagreed.
“Please wait!” Archbishop Choate waved his hand.
President Bedell looked at Archbishop Choate, waiting for Archbishop Choate to say something else.
“President Beadle, no one can violate our Lord’s oracle. If you agree to my request, then everything will be easy. But if you reject me, I can only use some means!” Archbishop Choate said coldly.
Even though Archbishop Choate was very timid when dealing with Lord Arthur, he showed unimaginable determination when dealing with ordinary people from the Interstellar Federation.
After Archbishop Choate finished speaking, the pattern in the hands of the fifth-level priest behind him was completed, and the pattern flew towards President Beadle.
President Biddle looked horrified. Although he didn’t know what the flying pattern was, he also knew that it was definitely not a good thing.
The two extraordinary people wanted to resist, but found that the fluctuations from the patterns made their movements slow, and their brains seemed to think slower.
Archbishop Choate looked at President Beadle with cold eyes. He believed that President Beadle would soon be controlled by magic and would be 100% obedient.
As for the other people here, after controlling President Biddle, they can then use the same method to control them all.
With the help of President Beadle and the use of the power of the Interstellar Federation, it is not difficult to find Lord Arthur and expel him from the Interstellar Federation. The order of the God of War can also be completed.
As for the discovery of President Biddle’s magic, Archbishop Choate did not believe that anyone in the Interstellar Federation would discover it.
This pure white channel alone has the effect of blocking all signals. What the federal spacecraft and warships see outside are all false images, and the real situation in the channel will not be discovered by the spacecraft and warships.
In the final analysis, Archbishop Choate despised the Interstellar Federation and believed that apart from long-range space weapons, the Interstellar Federation was just a group of low-level ordinary people.
It was only under this concept that we came up with this method.
Among them, there are also reasons