weet smile on her face: “Mr. Wei, it’s cold outside, please keep yourself warm.”

Wei Xiaobei nodded. He had stayed in the no-man’s land of Antarctica for nearly four months. During the research, he didn’t feel much about it. But now, when he came into contact with the crowd again, Wei Xiaobei felt a lot.
“Yes, how old are you? Which university did you graduate from?”
Wei Xiaobei didn’t even realize that his tone was almost that of an elder in his fifties or sixties.
Of course, considering what Wei Xiaobei has experienced, such a tone is not wrong.
However, with Wei Xiaobei’s young appearance in his twenties, it was really strange to speak in such an old-fashioned tone.
The girl was not afraid of strangers. After being stunned for a moment, she smiled and said, “Mr. Wei, the girl’s age is a secret and cannot be revealed.”
After a slight pause, the girl continued: “However, Mr. Wei and I are fellow villagers. I graduated from Cuihu University, and my father is Zhang Desheng. I just don’t know if he is doing well now?”
Wei Xiaobei had a smile on his face before. After hearing these words, he couldn’t help but be stunned and turned to Xu Feiyang with the intention of asking.
Xu Feiyang smiled bitterly: “Yes, she is Lao Zhang’s little daughter.”
Undoubtedly, the reason why this girl appeared here was to see Wei Xiaobei.
“Your father is doing well. I will take you to see him later.”
Wei Xiaobei felt a little embarrassed when he saw that this girl was really Zhang Desheng’s daughter.
In any case, Zhang Desheng is the director of Weijiadao Biological Research Institute and has made a lot of contributions to Weijiadao. Especially after the Biological Research Institute moved to Qingmu Paradise, the biological research materials in it were given to Wei Xiaobei. Added a lot of inspiration for cultivating organisms.
/Besides, Zhang Desheng has a very good relationship with Wei Xiaobei’s father, so from a certain perspective, Zhang Desheng can be regarded as Wei Xiaobei’s uncle.
So after saying this, Wei Xiaobei mentally turned around in the storage ring, then grabbed a small medicine bottle from the storage ring and handed it to Zhang Desheng’s daughter.
Zhang Desheng’s daughter is named Zhang Xiaoxin. She was a little stunned when Wei Xiaobei handed her a small medicine bottle. She didn’t know what Wei Xiaobei meant by giving this to her.
“This thing is called the Fountain of Youth. Drinking it can extend your life for a hundred years. Director Zhang is also my elder, so this can be considered a greeting gift.”
Wei Xiaobei’s strength has reached the peak of the four-star disaster, but he still can’t get rid of the shy feeling when facing a strange girl. After saying this, Wei Xiaobei doesn’t know what to do. What did he say, so he simply turned the topic to Xu Feiyang: “Brother Xu, I wonder what happened when you came here this time?”
/Everyone in the scientific research station heard what Wei Xiaobei said about extending life for a hundred years, and all their eyes immediately focused on the medicine bottle in