that as long as this ability is activated, his grasp of the battle will be much improved.

Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be silent for a while.
It seems that the role of each attribute cannot be underestimated.
/After sighing slightly, Wei Xiaobei simply put his evolution points into learning attributes.
The same heat flow was running back and forth in the brain, and the feeling of dizziness was even worse than before, to the point where Wei Xiaobei almost fainted.
After the learning attribute increased to 20 points, Wei Xiaobei also added a new ability.
Never forget!
You can tell the effect of this ability just by looking at its name.
This is a passive ability.
After possessing this ability, Wei Xiaobei will never forget the knowledge, things, etc. that he has seen.
The power of this ability lies in its auxiliary effect on various other abilities.
To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei will get twice the result with half the effort in studying various materials from now on.
You only need to read it once and record the content in your mind. When you are free, you can slowly play it back to review and learn.
Of course, compared to a mobile phone, this ability is a little more troublesome, and Wei Xiaobei needs to check everything first.
But no matter what, as long as you remember it, even in the gray world, you can review and learn a lot of things during your free time, such as when you are in a hurry.
In addition, this ability’s auxiliary effect on attributes detection, sensor search, precision calculation and other abilities almost directly increases the effect of these abilities by more than 30%.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei felt that he made the right choice to improve these two branches of attributes.
For the last 268 evolution points, Wei Xiaobei directly focused on the upper limit of the current released by his special ability.
Compared with the upper limit of voltage, the upper limit of current of this ability is a bit low. Even against ordinary humans, it is difficult to kill with one blow, let alone those powerful monsters.
With the investment of 268 evolution points, the upper limit of the circuit has been increased from 62 mA to 196 mA, which is a current of 0.196 amps.
100 milliamps of current is enough to electrocute a human heart to a point where it stops beating within 3 seconds, let alone double the current.
In fact, compared with increasing the voltage upper limit, increasing the current upper limit has a more significant effect.
After all the evolution points were consumed, Wei Xiaobei called his two apprentices into the room.
The differences in their personalities can be seen from their performances.
When Huang Kun heard that he would enter the gray world today, he was so excited that he almost shook the fat off his face.
Zhu Xinyi put down her phone and looked at Wei Xiaobei, waiting for her master to lecture her.
Not to mention, Wei Xiaobei is now in love with this kind of activity. As a master giving instructions to his apprentices, it will give people an indescriba