e divine power in his body, and no matter how hard he struggled, it was all in vain.

To put it bluntly, Yiwei Xiaobei’s idea was to let World Tree absorb the country’s Chang Daran.
But the World Tree doesn’t seem to have much interest in this wood god. Even if Guochang Daran’s life is placed on its exposed roots, the World Tree doesn’t move at all. Its roots are only inserted into the corpses of those ghosts and monsters. Extract power.
This reality forced Wei Xiaobei to give up the idea, and then he put on the sun fist glove, lifted Guochang Daran up, and walked towards the quagmire.
/Although Guochang Daranming had lost a lot of his body, the remaining body was still more than three hundred meters long. At this time, Wei Xiaobei was still holding on to his magical power, Dharma Xiang Tiandi, and his fifteen-meter-tall body was holding up a tree trunk more than three hundred meters tall. , although it has no impact on strength, the angle needs to be adjusted correctly, otherwise, if you are not careful, the tree trunk can poke into the ground, affecting your walking.
At this time, the quagmire was completely covered by the emerald green branches and leaves of the mutated ivy, like a green low forest, looking extremely full of vitality.
Sensing Wei Xiaobei’s arrival, the mutant ivy immediately moved the vines away, leaving a path for Wei Xiaobei to walk on.
With his legs hanging in the air, Wei Xiaobei came to the center of the quagmire.
It should be said that this quagmire has now become an important area used by Aoki Blessed Land to restrain foreign objects, so its area has also increased a lot with the growth of Aoki Blessed Land.
The giant dish fairy was half buried in the quagmire. Countless mutant ivy vines entangled it tightly, and countless spikes grew out of it and inserted into the giant dish fairy, constantly extracting the power of the giant dish fairy.
Now it seems that this giant dish fairy may not be able to hold on for long, and there are many more cracks on its body than before.
Wei Xiaobei dropped the Guochang Daran Ming he was carrying next to the giant dish fairy.
This was like a signal, and the mutated ivy, which was originally quiet, immediately pounced on Guochang Daran, who was mostly in the form of a tree trunk.
Countless vines spread densely up, constantly piercing their sharp thorns.
It has to be said that this god is a god.
The life of this country’s Chang Daran was so restrained by the blue light that even the spikes produced by the mutated ivy could not penetrate its body.
In any case, no matter how powerful Guochang Daranming’s body defense was, under the unremitting efforts of the mutant ivy, a sharp thorn finally broke through its defense and penetrated into its body.
The powerful beings who were trapped here before have almost surrendered at this point.
No matter how powerful they are, they can’t resist the extraction of these mutant creepers.
But the country’s Chang Daran Ming is the wood god after all. Although all the power in his body is bound by the blue light,