rgy extraction.

To put it bluntly, if you want to avoid this phenomenon, the materials for building machinery and instruments can only come from the Aoki Blessed Land.
Of course, there are no shortcuts here.
For example, Tian Yuwen found a shortcut. The minerals excavated by real humans in the Aoki Blessed Land were transported back to reality, refined and processed using real-life equipment to create machinery. The instruments were then sent back to Aoki Blessed Land for use, thereby avoiding energy extraction. the emergence of phenomena.
But the reason why shortcuts are called shortcuts always has some problems.
/Just like the basic technology in Aoki Paradise, if you want to use this shortcut, you won’t be able to do it.
To put it simply, most of the real scientific and technological data are based on the basic physical constants of reality. If the real scientific and technological data are completely applied, there will always be many problems with the final machines and instruments.
Another most critical issue is that the metals and other substances produced in the Aoki Blessed Land have different densities from similar substances in reality. At the same time, there are some minerals in the Aoki Blessed Land that do not exist in reality.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei hoped to build a technological system unique to the Aoki Blessed Land from bottom to top by drawing on real-life scientific and technological data, and even better combine the aura and various cultivation methods unique to the Aoki Blessed Land.
Of course, this is not an easy goal to reach.
After spending a few days relaxing with Tu Qingqing, Wei Xiaobei felt that all the worries he had accumulated before seemed to disappear, and his whole body felt refreshed.
/Therefore, when Wei Xiaobei was about to leave the Qingmu Paradise, he felt a rare sense of reluctance.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei’s slightly frowned brow, Tu Qingqing chuckled and leaned on Wei Xiaobei’s shoulder, feeling the extremely strong body of the man next to her.
In the beginning, Tu Qingqing shamelessly approached Wei Xiaobei in order to save Qingqiu Country from its imminent destruction because of the predictions made by the clan elders.
But as the two of them got together for a long time, Tu Qingqing truly fell in love with Wei Xiaobei and was willing to have a child for him.
You know, for a being like the nine-tailed fox, there is no problem if he has children with the same race.
However, if you marry a foreigner and have children, the strength of the nine-tailed fox will be greatly weakened, especially during pregnancy. The strength of the nine-tailed fox will continue to weaken as the pregnancy period prolongs.
Take the current Tu Qingqing as an example, her strength is exactly the same as that of an ordinary weak human woman.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei attached great importance to Tu Qingqing’s safety and would not allow Tu Qingqing to make any mistakes.
Therefore, even in the Aoki Blessed Land, Tu Qingqing was always surrounded by more than thirty elites. In addition, Wei Xia