oking in the Asura tribe is the responsibility of women.

Those female asuras, who were as beautiful as flowers and considered to be the most beautiful in the eyes of human beings, cut a lot of wood from the mountainside below the ridge, piled the wood up, and after igniting it, they ignited it. Some beast carcasses were brought and dragged over.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s idea, no matter how bad these Asuras are at making food, they still have to skin and bleed the beast carcasses and dispose of them, right?
/But what these female asuras did was beyond Wei Xiaobei’s imagination. They actually threw the beast corpses, head and tail, into the bonfire!
Suddenly, the fur on the beast’s body burned in the blazing bonfire, and the rich smell of burning hair spread out in all directions.
Maybe this is an alternative approach?
/Wei Xiaobei remembered that he had seen the cooking method of a certain primitive tribe on TV. They buried the beast carcass in the fire, and after all the fur on the body was burnt, they took out the beast carcass and then peeled it. Applying salt and other treatments, the food produced in this way is said to taste very good.
But the problem was that after throwing the beast carcasses into the bonfire, the female asuras ignored them. They gathered the children together and started building tents on the ridge.
At this time, those male asuras gathered together and started fighting each other, probably doing exercises before meals to extinguish the desire to fight that had not been vented before.
The female Asuras probably forgot about the beast carcasses placed in the bonfire until the Asura leader defeated all the male Asuras one by one. Feeling very happy, or maybe because they were hungry, they grabbed a female Asura and asked.
The female Asura seemed to remember this just now. After screaming, all the female Asuras rushed towards the bonfire and rescued the beast corpses that had been burnt like coke from the bonfire.
For Asura, the food is considered ready.
Everyone gathered together and split the beast’s corpse open with sharp swords. Everyone carried half of the carcass and squatted by the campfire to start chewing.
What kind of food is this?
When Wei Xiaobei saw this scene, he almost felt like vomiting.
First of all, less than half of the corpses of these beasts were turned into charcoal, and the small part in the middle was probably cooked, while the innermost part was probably due to insufficient firepower, so it was still full of blood and was completely raw.
When these Asuras ate, they did not remove the charred meat and fur, but mixed it together and ate it with a smile of enjoyment on their faces.
The lack of bloodletting is not a problem at all at this time. The most disgusting thing is that all the internal organs and intestines in the beast’s body have not been removed. Even the intestines full of feces and the stomach full of semi-digested food have been removed. These asuras ate them with relish.
Well, Wei Xiaobei admitted that compared to these problems