huge fireball or the small fireball.

Such an attack method does not look very powerful, but in fact, a lot of flames were captured from those fireballs silently, and after these flames were captured, those fireballs also quietly became weaker. A little bit.
/If this trend continues, there is a huge possibility of a comeback for this dark lord.
But the clone of Amaterasu is not easy to mess with. It has been fighting with the Lord of Darkness for thousands of years, and is very familiar with the various tricks of the Lord of Darkness.
So it didn’t take long for Amaterasu’s clones to start counterattacking against this trick.
Groups of fist-sized fireballs ejected from the huge fireball as if laying eggs, and hit the ground. When they hit those black bone hands, a violent explosion occurred, releasing a large amount of light and heat. come out.
This pure white light and heat release can destroy the bone hands on the ground piece by piece in an instant, and even burn a large area of ??the black mist that diffuses towards the surroundings.
It has to be said that Amaterasu always has the upper hand in the battle with the Lord of Darkness, and it does not come out of thin air.
With just this move, more than half of the black mist transformed by the Great Dark Lord’s clone was destroyed in an instant, forcing the black mist transformed by the Great Dark Lord’s clone to re-condensate into a black giant.
But the black giant that had regrouped at this time had shrunk a lot compared to its previous size, and was only over thirty meters tall.
“Amaterasu! Just wait!”
The black giant transformed by the Great Dark Lord’s clone was quite angry at this time. He probably never thought that this Amaterasu’s clone could suppress him even in a reality with many restrictions.
After throwing a sentence at Amaterasu’s clone that was completely prepared for escape, the black giant pounced towards the ground, extinguishing the rekindled fire all over the sky, and suddenly disappeared from the ground.
But what Amaterasu didn’t expect was that the next moment, the black mist transformed by the black giant appeared in the distant human gathering place, letting out a ferocious laugh.
Under the shroud of black mist, the human believers who had just fallen into the arms of Amaterasu suddenly screamed in agony. They were horrified to find that they were rapidly changing in the black mist.
It was as if he had fallen into sulfuric acid. His skin and muscles fell off quickly, revealing his white skeleton and internal organs.
But there was no pain at all in this process, which made them even more frightened. They didn’t even realize that they didn’t die even if they turned into white skeletons, but their souls attached to the skeletons turned into pitch black. color.
Amaterasu’s clone couldn’t help but became furious when he saw this scene: “Great Lord of Darkness! How dare you taint my followers!”
Because Amaterasu’s clone was not angry, Wei Xiaobei could see that after those human believers turned into white skeletons and their souls