More than fifty four-star ghosts with ordinary strength gathered, and Wei Xiaobei had no idea of ??dodge.

After the ghost temple is completely destroyed, dig about five meters below the main hall and you will find a stone.
This stone is the soul stone of the ghost temple!
If the ghost temple is killed and the soul stone is still there, then the ghost temple can be resurrected after a period of time. Of course, the resurrected ghost temple will no longer be the previous ghost temple. All its memories will be erased and it will start again.
Therefore, there is no memory of the ghost temple in the ghost temple soul stone. It is just dense with gloom, but it has some characteristics of the gray boundary stone, and some space fragments are bound within it. Although this thing is no longer of much use to the Aoki Blessed Land. , but it can be used to make storage treasures!
This alone elevates its value to its peak.
/You know, the gray boundary stone is an extremely rare treasure!
It can serve as the starting point for creating a world, promote the rapid growth of a world, and can even be used to make storage treasures.
However, using gray boundary stone to make storage treasures is a bit too wasteful. It is equivalent to using chicken blood stone to sharpen kitchen knives and using huanghuali to chop firewood!
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei had been a little worried that his storage ring was not enough. Now, it’s better. With this kind of ghost temple soul stone, Wei Xiaobei doesn’t need to waste the gray boundary stone if he wants to make a storage ring. .
This is also one of the important reasons why Wei Xiaobei cannot let these ghost temples go and leave this land directly!
Next, Wei Xiaobei entered the coolie stage, holding a big gun and constantly tearing apart the ghost temples into pieces, and then dug fifteen feet into the ground to dig out the soul stones of the ghost temples and put them into storage rings.
After a lot of hard work, more than fifty ghost temples were turned into a pile of construction waste, and at the same time, there were more than fifty large holes on the ground.
Next, Wei Xiaobei did not directly open the spatial passage to the Aoki Blessed Land, but instead cultivated a group of ordinary people, about two hundred of them.
The role of these ordinary people is to transport the corpses of ghosts and monsters scattered everywhere.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to carry these ghost corpses alone anymore. Being fast was a good thing, but it was not good to consume a lot of his own strength.
You know, the further up you go, the more likely Wei Xiaobei will be attacked by those Japanese gods!
Wei Xiaobei needs to maintain his combat effectiveness at all times instead of consuming his strength at will.
The common people got out of their flesh cocoons, waited until their bodies were slightly dry, and then ran out in all directions. When they returned, they were dragging or carrying corpses one by one.
Not long after, a mountain of corpses piled up in front of Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei was re