In an instant, a transformed fighter plane appeared in front of Huang Kun.

But before Huang Kun could sit on it, Ao Yan’s eyes lit up: “Is this a means of transportation in the mortal world?”
The next moment, Huang Kun was shocked to see this little kid Ao Yan sitting in the cockpit and starting to fiddle with his hands randomly.
“Don’t touch my things! Be careful!”
Well, Huang Kun felt that his bad luck during this period must have reached its peak when he met such a little brat.
The little kid actually pressed the missile launch button of the modified fighter plane, which made Huang Kun jump forward in shock.
Then there were several swish-swish sounds and a hot burning sensation.
Several missiles flew out from under the wings of the modified fighter, jumped from Huang Kun’s back, and after crossing a distance of several thousand meters, they hit a sand dune. Then there was an explosion, and the fire was everywhere, blowing up the huge sand dune. The gravel rose into the sky.
But then, an even more terrifying scene appeared. Huang Kun jumped up from the ground, and when he was about to go up and catch Ao Yan, he was shocked to see Ao Yan’s finger pressing on a red button!
This red button has a mushroom cloud logo printed on it!
That’s the self-destruct button of the mutant fighter!
“Don’t press it, that’s it”
Before Huang Kun could finish his words, Ao Yan raised his fair face and smiled sweetly at Huang Kun, but without any hesitation, he pressed it with his finger!
Well, to be honest, if possible, Huang Kun would like to catch Ao Yan and give him a good spanking. But now, what Huang Kun needs to do is to rush towards the back of the stone house.
He just hoped that the stone house was strong enough, otherwise, he would be miserable.
You know, once the self-destruct button of the modified fighter plane is pressed, it will activate the bomb buried in the nuclear fusion reactor, which will eventually turn the nuclear fusion reactor into a nuclear bomb and explode with a bang!
Although the yield of this nuclear bomb is not large, only two to three hundred tons at most, it is enough to kill people in this place!
If Wei Xiaobei were here at this time, Huang Kun would even want to cry, Master, what kind of uncle did you find for me? This is simply a terrifying killer!
At this time, Huang Kun didn’t care about what would happen to Ao Yan. He got behind the stone house, took out his tools and dug hard into the ground, hoping to dig out a cave for him to hide in time to avoid being directly exposed. Under a nuclear explosion!
But the self-destruction speed of the modified fighter plane was too fast. Huang Kun had just dug two shovels when he felt the ground shake. Then the heat rose and strong winds rose, blowing from both sides of the stone house, almost blowing Huang Kun away. It was blown away directly.
Nuclear explosion!
Huang Kun didn’t dare to raise his head to check the situation, so he huddled his body under the corner of the stone house to reduce his surface area as much as possible.