ge of being mentally strong is that when he takes out the space stone from the wall, he still has the energy to collect all the collections in the lair into the space pendant.

“Oh my God!” When David was collecting it with his spirit, he discovered a huge, bright and flat space stone.
It had not been discovered before because this huge space stone was covered by a pile of gems underneath. According to David, this should be the bed of the ‘Half Spider King’.
A huge space stone that can be used as a bed for the Zerg god-level body. Not only have I seen it before, I have never even heard of it.
David couldn’t even imagine what it would take to create such a huge space stone.
But none of this mattered anymore. His spirit wrapped around the huge space stone, and he forcibly pulled the huge space stone out of the ground and put it into the space pendant.
At this time, space stones were continuously spit out from under the ground of the ‘Half Spider King”s lair. The quality of these space stones varied, and they were probably the space stones in the original super-large space stone veins here.
/Suddenly, David made a movement in his hand, and he got a message through the Zerg communication network of the clone of the legendary “Half Spider King”.
That was an order issued by the ‘Half Spider King’, requiring all the Zerg species near its lair to surround and suppress the enemy that had sneaked into the lair, and to hold the enemy back until it could return.
Only then did David realize that his actions had been discovered by the ‘Half Spider King’ a long time ago, but the ‘Half Spider King’ was delayed by something.
At the same time, the sound of insects came from outside the nest, which was the sound of a surging insect tide.
Obviously, the order of the ‘Half Spider King’ was carried out, and the Zerg on the planet began to take action.
If it weren’t for the fact that there were no caves underground near the nest, it is estimated that not only the insect tide on the ground but also the underground would be involved in the all-round siege of the nest.
Among these Zerg races, there are a large number of fifth-level Zerg races and a small number of legendary level Zerg races.
As long as you are dragged down by the insect tide, it is very difficult to escape in a short time.
While David activated the space wormhole leading to the ‘safe point of the divine world’, he opened his mouth and let out a ‘high-frequency howl’ to the outside.
His spirit is far beyond that of ordinary demigods, and even many gods are inferior to his spirit, which greatly increases the power of the ‘High Frequency Howling’ talent.
In addition, the nest of the ‘Half Spider King’ became a natural resonator, and the terrifying ‘high-frequency howl’ sounded, and after passing through the resonance of the nest, it spurted out towards the outside of the nest.
The swarm of insects that were rushing towards the nest came into contact with the ‘high-frequency howl’ that was enhanced many times. All the fifth-level zerg species were rushed away by