e could not finish it and it was imprinted in his heart.

In the barrier, the six masters stood up. After scanning the place thoroughly, they made sure that nothing was missed. Their expressions were strange and they had their own thoughts. They did not mention the Royal Dao Flag again.
That map is most likely related to the Royal Dao Flag!
The six masters moved forward hand in hand, and finally joined forces to take action again, hoping to use the special period of extraordinary decay and the failure of restrictions to open the way.
This time they worked very hard, consuming the light of their souls to violently shake the portal standing in the void, but they couldn’t move at all.
“Countless epochs have passed, and it can still be so strong. It should fall into the void.”
For two whole days, the six masters were studying, either breaking it with magic, studying the ancient formation, or directly bombarding it with overwhelming power.
The effect was not great. They encountered difficulties and were blocked in their way.
/Chen Yongjie stared at the man wearing the silver mask and whispered: “He is very strong, even more powerful than we expected. It seems that I didn’t want to kill you directly in the Gobi last time. He was thinking about your body. Very greedy.”
Wang Xuan was speechless. What kind of nonsense is this?
“Could it be Zheng Yuantian?” He wondered. Currently, this guy was most interested in his physical body and had “invested” a lot in him, including natural medicine, five-color soil from Buzhou Mountain, and fairy jelly. All of it was given to him.
Moreover, he knew through the Zheng family that Zheng Yuantian seemed to be “raising pigs.” It didn’t matter who controlled this body, whether it was Zheng Wu or Wang Xuan.
Looking at it this way, the peerless master Zheng Yuantian will most likely appear in the end, cutting leeks and killing pigs!
“Zhu Yuantian, just wait, I will beat you to death sooner or later!” Wang Xuan said to himself.
In the past two days, they have been consolidating their own realm, because the recent breakthroughs have been too fast. They are both reciting scriptures, looking at the letters in front of them, and consolidating their Taoism.
To this end, they opened the “canned fairy bone” and sat in the interior location. They did not want to use the rich mysterious factors to improve themselves, but simply wanted to use “time” to settle down.
Of course, the so-called time is an illusion. They used two feathered bones one after another, raising their spiritual thoughts to the limit, enlightening themselves, reading Taoist scriptures, reciting bamboo slips, and reading Buddhist scriptures.
In a daze, they seemed to have borrowed ten years of time. This luxurious realization, using the immortal bones to open the inner scene and let the spiritual thoughts run rapidly, was indeed terrifyingly efficient, and it was of great benefit to them.
He brought heavenly medicine to the land of nothingness, bursting with life, and also dug out meteorites along the way. It really seem